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Pursuant to Articles of Association of EVNGENCO 3 issued with Decision No. 09 / QD-EVN dated 16 January 2015 of the Board of Members of Vietnam Electricity;
Pursuant to Decision No. 213 / QD-EVN dated 09/12/2016 of Vietnam Electricity on approving the organizational model and labor allocation for the  Power Generation Corporation;
Pursuant to the Resolution No 1089 / NQ-GENCO3 dated April 11, 1977 of the Chairman of EVNGENCO 3 on enhancing the organizational structure of EVNGENCO 3, decide:
Article 1.  To dissolve International Relations  Department from EVNGENCO 3. Functions and duties of the International Relations Department stipulated in Decision No. 5573 / QĐ-GENCO3 dated 30/11/2016 of EVNGENCO 3 is delivered to the followingdepartments:
- Planning Department: To perform the function of cooperating with foreign partners in arranging capital sources from credit institutions and foreign financial organizations and other tasks not under the.
- Administration - Inspection - Security Department: To perform the function of cooperating with foreign partners and international relations in the field of administrative management and communication.
Article 2. To rename  Investment – Construction Department to Investment – Construction Management Department.
Article 3. This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing. Mr./ Ms. Chief of Accountant, Chief of Office, Heads of EVNGENCO 3’s Department, Heads of affiliated companies, Representatives of EVNGENCO 3 at Subsidiaries, Affiliated Companies base decisions on execution./. 

Another news

EVNGENCO 3 coordinated the Training Program on Modern Human Resource Management

To improve the quality of officers in charge of personnel organization, EVN has cooperated with the Management and Business Department under the Hanoi National University to implement the Training Program on Modern Human Resource Management for officers in charge of personnel and organization with 5 themes, and the Program was organized in the Northern, Southern and Central Vietnam

Aspiration for Truong Sa. Part 4: Truong Sa is not far away

Vietnam's Truong Sa archipelago has about 130 islands, rocks, shoals, and reefs with a sea area of 160,000-180,000 km2. On the Truong Sa archipelago, Vietnam is the country with the largest number of islands with troops and people living, building socio-economic infrastructure, 21 islands and reefs with 33 guarding points.

Khát vọng Trường Sa. Kỳ 3: Những người bám biển

   Hiện nay, Việt Nam thực thi chủ quyền và đóng giữ 21 đảo, trong đó có 9 đảo nổi và 12 đảo, đá ngầm, với 33 vị trí đóng quân. Các đảo đá ngầm còn được gọi là đảo chìm, không chỉ thể hiện rõ vai trò phên dậu của Tổ quốc giữa trùng dương, mà còn là chỗ dựa cho ngư dân bám biển, mở rộng ngư trường đánh bắt hải sản.


Cultural behavior in a business is a part of corporate culture. Relationships within the enterprise that are built, maintained and developed sustainably will create close links throughout the enterprise.