Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company: Organize blood Voluteering donation - Give present to the poor

In the morning of December 16th morning, in Tuy Huong Town, Tuy Phong District, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company, under Power Generation Company 3, the Red Cross Association of Tuy Phong district organized blood donation volunteering, participating in blood donation are the company staffs and employees . This is a response to the "EVN red Week II", launched by Viet Nam Electricity (EVN) with the message "A gift of meaning to the community."

The program has received the participation of blood donation of more than 60 employees, , union youth of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company. Blood Voluntary donation is a meaningful activity, sharing the hearts of employees of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company to the community and patients. At the same time, it contributed to the propagation of change in the awareness of social responsibility. In the morning, the Red Cross of Tuy Phong district received 60 units of blood from volunteer employees and staffs of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company.

The program "EVN red Week II", held from December 12 to 17, at all units of EVN nationwide. It is expected to have aboout 5,000 staffs and employees of the Group register for voluntary blood donation. This is a meaningful activity celebrating the traditional day of the  of Vietnam Electricity(21/12/1954 - 21/12/2016) and responding to the "month of customer".

In the afternoon of the same day, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company cooperated with Vinh Tan Commune People's Committee to donate 200 gift to the poor of the commune, each gift worths 300.000 in order to help the poor reduce difficulties in life and show the company's empathy with local authorities and people



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