About strengthening the organizational model of EVNGENCO 3


Pursuant to Articles of Association of EVNGENCO 3 issued with Decision No. 09 / QD-EVN dated 16 January 2015 of the Board of Members of Vietnam Electricity;
Pursuant to Decision No. 213 / QD-EVN dated 09/12/2016 of Vietnam Electricity on approving the organizational model and labor allocation for the  Power Generation Corporation;
Pursuant to the Resolution No 1089 / NQ-GENCO3 dated April 11, 1977 of the Chairman of EVNGENCO 3 on enhancing the organizational structure of EVNGENCO 3, decide:
Article 1.  To dissolve International Relations  Department from EVNGENCO 3. Functions and duties of the International Relations Department stipulated in Decision No. 5573 / QĐ-GENCO3 dated 30/11/2016 of EVNGENCO 3 is delivered to the followingdepartments:
- Planning Department: To perform the function of cooperating with foreign partners in arranging capital sources from credit institutions and foreign financial organizations and other tasks not under the.
- Administration - Inspection - Security Department: To perform the function of cooperating with foreign partners and international relations in the field of administrative management and communication.
Article 2. To rename  Investment – Construction Department to Investment – Construction Management Department.
Article 3. This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing. Mr./ Ms. Chief of Accountant, Chief of Office, Heads of EVNGENCO 3’s Department, Heads of affiliated companies, Representatives of EVNGENCO 3 at Subsidiaries, Affiliated Companies base decisions on execution./.