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To continue propagandizing the equitization of the Corporation, helping employees to understand their responsibilities deeply in a new working environment and to recognize about managing the Corporation after Corporation’s equitization, and propagate to the employees to understand the meaning and importance of the observance of the National regulations when Vietnam Electricity - EVN develops and implements the application of wage scales. On the 12th and 13th of April, in the city of Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province, the Trade Union of Power Generation Corporation 3 held a professional training workshop on trade union in 2016, including: (1) propaganda; (2) legislation of labor relations; (3) Organization of the implementation of the Democracy in Regulation Basis at the workplace; (4) Organization of dialogues in the implementation of grassroots democracy; (5) EVN's current salary management; (6) Draft Agreement of Collective Labor of Power Generation Corporation 3; (7) Equitization of GENCO 3. In which, the meeting focused on two issues: "Equitization of Power Generation Corporation 3" and "Management of EVN’s Current salary".



The training meeting are directly reported by members of the Union board, The Union’s staff of Vietnam Electricity; Members of the Union Board and Staffs of Power Generation Corporation 3 with the basic contents and close to reality at the establishments in Vietnam Electricity Union.



After two working days, the conference was communicated by the staff of the Vietnam Electricity Union in a straightforward and in-depth manner with the actual situation and experience in trade union activities with serious and enthusiastic participation of union members. This is the basis for consolidating, strengthening and improving the Union's activities in the Corporation. The professional training workshop of Power Generation Corporation 3 in 2016 was going successfully.