Phu My Thermal Power Co. Ltd, step by step towards digital enterprise

     Phu My Thermal Power has gradually implemented digital transformation according to the plan assigned by Power Generation Joint Stock Corporation 3, focusing on the 2021 theme of "Digital transformation within the Vietnam Electricity Corporation" launched by EVN.

Phu My 1 thermal power plant

     At Phu My Thermal Power, besides applying common software of EVN in production and business activities such as: ERP, PMIS, E-Office, HRMS, IMIS…, the Company also builds and applies many digital and IT application programs in daily work such as: Digital signature application, E-Cabinet paperless meeting room; Software: electronic operation log, electronic parameter record sheet of power plants on tablets, inventory of supplies by barcode on mobile, management of hot gas equipment of gas turbine power plants... This application has greatly facilitated the management, supervision and operation of the Company's production, quickly finished procedures, controlled parameters, data and saved time.
     In addition, the most obvious digital transformation in 2021 at Phu My Thermal Power is the establishment of a Steering Committee and Team to assist in the implementation of digital transformation; Develop a digital transformation plan for the period 2021-2025. The company is researching and proposing the application of digital technology solutions such as Field Application - Digital Worker, online monitoring, wall climbing robot, station monitoring ... for operation and repair. Organize and build directory tree, build RCM Module, import data, effectively exploit the database of PMIS - a technical management program, manage inventory... Build Dashboard templates for administration and production activities.

Check the operating parameters from the electronic operation log

Along with that, the Company continues to conduct surveys, evaluate and build an overall digital transformation development roadmap; implement digital transformation tasks, prepare, navigate through the step-by-step process to digital enterprise according to the development orientation of the Corporation and EVN.
Recognizing that the most important factor affecting digital transformation is people, in addition to the programs organized by EVNGENCO 3, the Company has also coordinated with leading domestic companies to organize training courses to enhance knowledge, seminars on digital transformation to raise awareness and responsibility for the Company's management and employees during the digital transformation.
Digital transformation in EVN is taking place strongly, because for EVN, digital transformation is considered a top priority task in the Group's activities this year and in the future. Therefore, the actions of Phu My Thermal Power / EVNGENCO 3 in digital transformation will contribute to fulfilling the goal of building EVN into a digital enterprise by 2025, in which digital transformation is basically complete in 2022.


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