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In order to ensure safe and stable electricity production, the leader of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company directs the repair work, ensures that equipment must ensure quality and progress, proactively handles inadequacies through information. Usually in operation, the problem minimizes the subjective problem that causes damage to the equipment.

In 2023, the tasks of “In the first 6 months of the dry season, reach 04 billion kWh and achieve the cumulative electricity output milestone of 50 billion kWh in August 2023” is assigned by the Power Generation Corporation 3 to Mong Duong Thermal Power Company. To ensure the output of the power production plan in the dry months of 2023 and to meet the mobilization method of the National Load Dispatch Center, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has implemented solutions to guarantee the production conditions and strive to achieve the assigned plan. In particular, the management solution of operational engineering and maintenance and repair of equipment, production line system of the Plant are interested and focused by the Company.

To ensure safe and stable electricity production, the Company’s Leadership has directed the repair and maintenance of equipment to assure the quality and progress, proactively handling any problems arising from the operation process, minimizing subjective problems caused by equipment failure.

Maintenance and repair of equipment are implemented regularly by the Company

Accordingly, operation shifts strengthen the regular inspection of equipment systems and update defects daily, send reports to Workshops/Technical Departments to coordinate with EPS Company to have a timely repair plan, thereby ensuring the quality and safe operation. On a monthly basis, the Company coordinates with EPS Company to check and evaluate equipment conditions. For defects that can only be repaired when the furnace or machine is stopped working, the Company will make a list and classify the priority of handling.

The DC and UPS electrical equipment systems of Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant are periodically maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's technical requirements and during minor repair and major overhaul cycles. The Company cooperates with EPS Company to inspect, maintain and replace materials according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For the backup diesel generator system, to guarantee the effective operation of the system and be willing to supply power to the auxiliary system in case of emergency, the Company carries out the commissioning test and periodic inspection twice a month. The maintenance of the Plant's backup generators is fully implemented in minor repairs and major overhauls. During the process of operation, employees regularly check, monitor and record operating parameters and promptly detect failures to have a proper solution to prevent problems.

Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has organized cross-training courses for titles to always take the initiative in terms of operating personnel and also train and improve the qualifications of the Plant's operators. In addition, the Company regularly reviews and updates operating procedures and inspection procedures according to the actual operation of systems and equipment; updating, supplementing and specifying the time to perform the periodic conversion of equipment. Furthermore, the Company always focuses on problem-solving exercises and organizes monthly drills. The Company also carries out the exchange, assessment and development of solutions to solve potential risks that may occur, especially risks relating to the electrical and control systems.

Mong Duong Thermal Power Company