EPS Company assures high-quality human resources for the repair and maintenance of power plants in 2022

EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS) has developed plans for the optimal use of human resources and increased the training and retraining to meet the personnel demands for the performance of major repairs in 2022.

To guarantee the quality and progress of works, EPS Company has strengthened many its human resource management measures. According to the 2022 Plan, EPS Company shall carry out 12 major repair works in 3 power centers (including Phu My, Vinh Tan, and Mong Duong, mainly from August to December), mobilizing a large number of employees, with an average from 200 to 300 people for a work. Especially in November, the number of mobilized employees can be up to 900 people when carrying out 7 major repair works at the same time for Phu My 1 Power Plant and overhaul of plant unit S1 of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant.

EPS’s engineers attend the Turbine repair specialist training course at GE (USA)

Accordingly, since 2021, to effectively use human resources, EPS’s repair workshops have reviewed, adjusted, and evaluated the quality and quantity of personnel, and made reasonable plans of employee allocation for works, and employed skilled and experienced technicians according to the requirements and natures of assigned works. EPS Company has actively prepared resources for large-scale and high-tech works, promoting the training and development of high-quality human resources specialized in expertise such as repair and maintenance of turbines, generators, in-depth electrical testing, and team leaders. Especially in the 2nd quarter of 2022, EPS has cooperated with GE Corporation to implement training courses for Turbine Repair Specialists and Generator Repair and Maintenance Specialists at the GE Repair and Maintenance Center in the US and Switzerland. This high-quality team of technicians shall play the role of remote support and technical advice for groups in charge of handling problems at the site.

EPS Company always focuses on developing a professional safety monitoring force - HSE (Health - Safety - Environment), continuing to maintain the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the standard ISO 45001:2018. The target is to guarantee the highest safety for people and equipment without causing any unsafe situations and disrupting progress.

In addition to the internal mobilization of employees, EPS Company has also prepared a list of contractors specialized in providing power plant maintenance workers and cooperating with other manufacturers (such as GE, Doosan, and MHPS) to provide high-tech experts in the repair quality assurance and supervision in order to satisfy the highest requirements of investors.

Up to now, the preparation for major repair works in 2022 is almost fulfilled and be ready to put into operation under the "Safe, Flexible and Effective Adaptation". There are always many suitable solutions for technical personnel to meet all demands of customers. The proactive human resources to guarantee the safety, progress and quality of projects continues to affirm the professionalism of EPS Company in the field of providing the top quality power plant maintenance and repair services in Vietnam.

Tuan Thanh – EPS Company