EVNCONNECT Digital Ecosystem - an important step for EVN on the digital enterprise roadmap

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) announced the EVNCONNECT Digital Ecosystem - an event marking an important step for EVN on the road to becoming a digital enterprise by 2025. EVNCONNECT consists of 2 component ecosystems: connection and integration with national digital platforms and industries’ digital platforms in the digital economy and internal ecosystem serving operations in EVN.

On 21 January 2022, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) held an announcement ceremony of "EVN digital ecosystem - EVNCONNECT". The ceremony was held in the live form at EVN headquarters (Hanoi) and online connected to 262 video points of EVN member units across the country.

Creating convenience for customers and businesses

EVN is one of the leading enterprises in applying information technology and implementing digital transformation. Typically, in 2013, EVN was the first enterprise to deploy electronic invoices on a national scale. In 2019, the Group was recognized as the first state-owned enterprise to deploy electronic contracts to customers. Up to now, the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (PDAMSO) is ready to connect data with EVN following the regulations of the law to successfully implement the EVNCONNECT digital ecosystem.

Right in January 2022, the PDAMSO will complete the connection of the National Population Database with the database of EVN to improve the efficiency of administrative procedures under the Power sector on the National Public Service Portal.


Colonel To Anh Dung - Deputy Director of the PDAMSO spoke at the announcement ceremony

The PDAMSO also affirmed that they will accompany and support EVN in organizing the implementation, contributing to achieving the set goals.

According to Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN's Member Board, with more than 29 million electricity customers, this is an ideal and potential environment for partners to coordinate and increase services to maximize the benefits for customers, meeting the increasing needs of the people, narrowing the "digital gap" between urban/rural areas and is a solid premise contributing to the successful implementation of the e-Government development strategy, towards Digital Government in the period of 2021-2025, with a vision to 2030.

The leader of Vietnam Electricity affirmed: “EVN is always ready to expand cooperation forms with partners on the basis of sharing resources and sharing information, but must ensure compliance with the law and privacy rights of customers' personal information. In particular, EVN prioritizes units and corporations that are willing to provide symbiotic services with electricity services, ensuring the best service to customers.

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Chairman of EVN's Member Board is committed to providing the best digital experience space for customers

EVNCONNECT - Integration into the digital economy

The EVNCONNECT digital ecosystem consists of two main components: an ecosystem to connect and integrate with national digital platforms and industries’ digital platforms in the digital economy and an internal ecosystem serving operations in EVN.

The connection with the national digital platforms and industries’ digital platforms in the digital economy has been strongly deployed by EVN in recent years such as deploying electronic invoices and connecting with banks and electricity bills paying intermediary organizations. Especially, from 1st February 2022, EVN officially connects to the National Population Database through the National Public Service Portal, 4 months earlier than the Prime Minister's Decision.

Delegates perform the ceremony of pressing the button to launch the EVNCONNECT Ecosystem

The connection of electricity services with the National Population Database through the National Public Service Portal will bring convenience and simplicity to customers, by all kinds of personal documents and papers attached to the Power Purchase Application Form are replaced with information about the citizen's personal identification number, identity card, permanent address, full name information of citizens, current residence, household head information, household registration number in the National Population Database

For the Power sector, this connection brings practical effects such as reducing travel costs, not having to print, preserve and store paper documents with nearly 20 million pages per year.

At the same time, EVN is also a pioneer in connecting electronic invoices (E-Invoice) and data transmitting with the Electronic Invoice System of the General Department of Taxation. Directly connect payment via the Mobile Money application with VNPT, Viettel and connect through intermediary partners with Mobifone after the operators are licensed by the State Bank. The payment connection via Mobile Money application helps to increase the utility and convenience for electricity users, especially customers in rural, remote areas without a bank account who can pay electricity bills in a non-cash form.


Important milestones on EVN's digital transformation journey

The Group also completed the connection of the digital office system (Digital Office) with the Government, ministries, departments, central and local administrative agencies on the National Document Connection Axis. In addition, EVN has granted internal digital signatures to 100% of employees and issued 27,000 electronic identifiers for units to send/receive electronic documents on the National Document Interchange Axis.

With an internal ecosystem serving operations in EVN, the Group connects information and data systems on an application platform serving employees - SmartEVN. SmartEVN application is connected to the Group's internal systems to provide information to employees, improve work efficiency and productivity; provide completed features on both mobile and web platforms; set up tools to convey messages of the Group and units to employees.

The launch of the digital ecosystem is a practical action for EVN to orient itself to become a digital enterprise based on the application of digital technologies, information technology and technologies of the industrial revolution 4.0 in all areas of operation to turn EVN into an energy-technology group with sustainable and efficient development and fulfill its goals: basically complete digital transformation by 2022 and operate under the digital business model by 2025.

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