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Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been implementing appropriate and effective solutions to stabilize production and maintain the growth rate.

Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been implementing appropriate and effective solutions to stabilize production and maintain the growth rate.

Along with the efforts of the electricity industry, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company (Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province), a company of Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO3) has been effectively implementing the annual theme “Safe, flexible and efficient adaptation” to guarantee the completion of power production targets and plans in 2022 and the next period. This result has made an important contribution to assure energy security to effectively support the socio-economic development of the country and the locality.

Overview of Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant

Effective application of technology platforms toward digital businesses

With the goal of becoming a digital business, taking advantage of the technology and digital data to increase the operational efficiency, innovation and creation, cost optimization, improvement of customer’s experience and satisfaction, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been implementing many solutions to developing the digitization and digital transformation models in its production and business activities.

The total capacity of Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant is 1,080MW, including 2 plant units, and the capacity of each unit is 540MW. The plant applies the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler technology, coal fuel, and modern combustion technology to guarantee economic, technical and high-availability criteria, efficiency, stability, and safety, and also assuring the requirements of environmental protection by using the systems of dust filtration, NOx and SOx removal through the most modern and advanced equipment today. This is one of the urgent power projects in the National Electricity Development Plan to ensure the power supply to meet the needs of socio-economic development of Quang Ninh Province in particular and the North-East region of Vietnam in general.

The plant's operating technology system is always in the best condition

Implementing the theme of EVN in 2021 “Digital transformation in the Vietnam Electricity”, and carrying out digital transformation contents according to the tasks and plans of EVN/EVNGENCO3, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been implementing strongly many digital transformation solutions; and in the initial stage, it has provided many positive results.

Currently, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company is applying many information technology solutions such as Electronic operation log software (put into use since in 2018) to replace the handwritten operating log system. The PMIS technical management program uses application modules to manage the power generation process.

The Company has also been completing the overall digital transformation, namely: Digital office; Electronic records; Digitization of business procedures and management reporting systems; Digital signature application; Asset digitization; management of material warehouses in the digital environment and so on to support works in the fields of administration, management of production and business activities towards digital businesses in the development orientation of the Group/Corporation.

In terms of management and administration, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been developing a smart production management system for the entire company with intelligent analysis tools in technical management, thereby helping plants operate in a safe and optimal manner, increasing the efficiency and reducing costs. The Management Software Program will be unified and integrated thoroughly to facilitate the summary, analysis, and report of business results to the Board of Directors and the Departments/Factories of the Company.

Thanks to the comprehensive implementation of many solutions according to the digitization and digital transformation model at Mong Duong Thermal Power Company, the Company has initially brought many positive changes in operations, helping to reduce costs, increasing the connectivity and easy coordination in works, generating a favorable working environment towards the goal of building "Digital Factory" "Digital People" according to the orientation of EVN and Power Generation Corporation 3.

Environmental sanitation is always implemented regularly

Maintenance of production rhythm to ensure the highest safety

According to the Plan in 2022, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company is assigned by Power Generation Corporation 3 to produce nearly 07 billion kWh of electricity. Thanks to the great efforts in production management, from the beginning of the year until now, the Company has operated safely and stably, responding successfully the mobilization of the National Load Dispatch Center, ready for any situation. Particularly in the first 5 months of 2022, the power output of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company is 3.02 billion kWh, reaching 43.1% of the plan as assigned in 2022, and reaching 80% of the power output as assigned in the dry season of 2022. This June, which is also the peak month of the hot season, the Company's planned power output is estimated at 690 million kWh.

A training session on fire protection and fighting at Mong Duong Thermal Power Company

To maintain the growth rate, in addition to applying digital technology, constantly innovating and improving the quality of production management, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company always pays special attention to safety works. In which, fire prevention and fighting is considered as one of the decisive factors. Specifically, the Company has established the Steering Committee for Fire Prevention and Search & Rescue, consisting of 8 members managed by a Deputy Director, and established 2 fire prevention and search & rescue teams. All are fully equipped with personal protective equipment; training, retraining, periodic drills are organized according to regulations.

The Safety and Environment Department of the Company regularly inspects the automatic fire extinguishing system and equipment at departments, workshops, organizing training, retraining and drills and maintenance of fire protection and firefighting equipment, inspecting the safety conditions for each area in the plant.

The Company’s leaders said that Mong Duong Thermal Power is a large-scale power manufacturer in Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province; in addition to the main task of power production, the fire prevention and search & rescue works have always been focused by the Company, implementing measures to enhance the fire prevention and safety, especially in the dry season at the plant. As a result, the awareness of officials and employees in terms of fire prevention and search & rescue works is constantly being improved, thereby contributing to preventing and minimizing the risk of fire and explosion.

Fire extinguishing system and equipment are always checked by the Company periodically according to regulations

To assure the effective performance of production and business plans under the complicated changes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company has been and continues to implement many solutions to achieve the dual goal of both safe production and effective prevention of the pandemic. In particular, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company focuses on promptly implementing all the directives of Power Generation Corporation 3 and the local government on flexible and effective adaptation to the pandemic in a new stage. Furthermore, the Company has scheduled to assure the pandemic prevention and control plans in case of any emergency situation.

Leaders of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company launching the Worker Month 2022

Along with that, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company also requires all its operating units to arrange sufficient labor forces for shifts to guarantee safe and continuous operation, ensuring that additional materials, supplies, equipment, and communication systems and means of transport are available in order to effectively satisfy the operating method and quick repair any abnormal failure of equipment. In particular, in the context of unpredictable developments of the Russia-Ukraine war, due to high prices of types of fuels and supply shortages, the assurance of sufficient coal sources for the operation of plant units is always a top priority in the Company’s activities.

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