Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company visit and give presents to families under the social policy of Vinh Hao Commune on the occasion of Mau Tuat Spring

In the exciting atmosphere of Mau Tuat Spring Festival coming on 07/02/2018, on the occasion of Tet festival for the poor in Vinh Hao commune - Tuy Phong district - Binh Thuan province, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company are going to come to visit and to give gifts to unlucky families in Vinh Hao Commune.
In the program, the company have already presented 20 gifts worth VND500,000 for each  household under the social policy and each poor household in Vinh Hao commune. Thanks to that help and sharing the difficulties so citizens can feel warm and welcome Mau Tuat Tet upcoming happily.

With the desire to contribute more in economic development, developing new rural areas, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company will give hands to units and benefactors in Vinh Hao commune, cooperate with local authorities and implement social security programs to support people in Vinh Hao more confidence to strive and exit the poverty.

Giving gift program in Vinh Hao Commune was a practical activity in the series of social security activities during the Mau Tuat Lunar New Year 2018 of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company. These activities have partly helped the families to reduce difficulties and enjoy Tet Holiday happily.
Some picrures in this event:

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