Training on occupational safety and health for officers and employees of EVNGENCO 3

Strictly complying with provisions of the applicable law on occupational safety and health (OSH), the Power Generation Corporation 3 has organized OSH training courses for officers and employees (subjects of groups 1, 2, 4 and 5) and labor environment inspection at the Corporation on 21st and 22nd July 2020.

In these training courses, trainees have learned and understood many important contents of policy and legislation systems on OSH. Professional works on occupational safety and health include: Organizing the apparatus, managing and implementing OSH regulations at all the grassroots level, assigning responsibilities and delegating OSH-related powers, providing basic knowledge on dangerous and harmful factors, prevention and improvement measures of working conditions, safety culture in the production and business; Contents of specialized training include: General knowledges on machines, equipment, materials, substances generating dangerous and harmful factors, safe working procedures for types of machines, equipment, materials and substances with strict requirements on OSH etc. Training courses have assisted the Corporation’s officers and employees in strengthening their awareness on OSH contents to effectively use such contents at the Corporation and other relevant agencies.


Lecturers share knowledges related to OSH

Due to the nature of working conditions of electricity workers, they are often exposed to dangerous and toxic factors such as exposure to electricity, height, and operation of equipment with strict safety requirements; therefore, the work of ensuring OSH is always focused and put on top by EVNGENCO 3 during the last few years. The Corporation regularly organizes propaganda programs to remind officers, employees and workers to raise their self-awareness in implementing provisions on OSH; launching emulation movements on OSH; and based on production and labor situations as well as specific conditions of each unit, proposing regulations to ensure the safety in consistent with actual conditions. In addition, EVNGENCO 3 has also strengthened the overall inspection of OSH at units directly under the Corporation in order to promptly find out violations for applying prevention, remedy and handling measures to prevent incidents.


EVNGENCO 3’s representatives inspected the OSH at Mong Duong Thermal Power Company

In the coming time, Power Generation Corporation 3 will continue to promote the propagation of legal provisions on OSH, labor protection regimes and OSH knowledge; strengthening training courses for OSH officers; organizing OSH training courses for employers, occupational safety and health officers and other employees; guiding units under the Corporation in developing and implementing plans and making self-inspection of OSH; issuing Internal Labor Regulations, production procedures and full supply of safe working measures; at the same time, organizing inspection and supervision works and taking strict measures against violating collectives and individuals.
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