Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Plant: Plant Unit 1 connected to the National Grid

At 14:55 p.m. on 24th March 2021, at Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Plant, Ngok Tem Commune, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province, Plant Unit 1 of Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Plant has successfully connected to the National Grid.

This is a great event of the Project, an important milestone of marking results after more than 10 years of difficult and challenging construction and installation of the plant that employees and staff of Vinh Son - Song Hydropower Joint Stock Company Hinh (VSH as the Employer), construction contractors, equipment suppliers, supervision consultants, and supporting units of the Power Generation Corporation 3, REE Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Company etc. have made efforts to overcome.

Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Project is invested by Vinh Son - Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock Company (in association with the Power Generation Corporation 3) as the Employer. The Project takes advantage of flows from Dak Nghe River, the fifth hydropower ladder on the Se San River system as approved by the Prime Minister for investment with a total capacity of 220MW, including 02 plant units (2x110MW), the length of its transmission lines is over 17km.

Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Plant

It is expected that the Plant Unit 2 will be connected to the National Grid in the coming time. When the two plant units are connected to the Grid, Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower will provide an average of about 850 million kWh annually, contributing to strengthening the power supply capacity for socio-economic development, minimizing the power loss. Based on that commercial electricity output, each Plant Unit is expected to contribute more than 200 billion VND to the budget of Kon Tum Province every year.