Since its establishment in 2013, in 6 years of operation, the year 2018 is a year with many events, challenges, marking the transformation of models from limited liability companies to joint stock companies of Power Generation Corporation 3. And this is also the year EVNGENCO 3 welcomed the first spring in Ho Chi Minh City - the economic and financial center of the whole country when it officially moved its head office to the District 2, Sala Urban Area, HCMC.
Overcoming challenges, ensuring electricity supply.
In 2018, Vietnam's electricity industry in general and Power Generation Corporation 3 faced many difficulties and great challenges in electricity production when gas output and coal supply for power plants were insufficient and unstable, the hydrological situation is not favorable. However, at the end of last year, EVNGENCO 3 produced 33,146 billion kWh (reaches 92.48% of EVN's plan, appropriate 15.57% of the electricity output of the entire electricity system). Especially The 6-month power generation emulation movement, Vinh Tan's thermal power plant contributed 4,099 billion kWh, reaching 103.17% of the plan, making an important contribution to ensuring national energy security. 
Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant, Power Generation Corporation 3
Beside three important and heavy tasks: boosting electricity production and business, contributing to maintaining energy security, implementing new power source projects to ensure quality, schedule and provide repair power plants services. In the past year, EVNGENCO 3 has completed privatized and successfully organized the first General Meeting of Shareholders on 17/09/2018 and officially operated under Join Stock Company from 01/10/2018.
Profit of electricity production in the year was VND 1,485.6 billion, reached 115.42% of the plan and profit from financial investment activities reached VND 355.8 billion, reached 175.26% of the plans approved by the first General Meeting of Shareholders. This is the result of the efforts of all employees of the Power Generation Corporation 3 under the close guidance and timely encouragement of the Electricity of Vietnam and reasonable management and administration solutions of Board of Directors of the Corporation.
In the way of development, EVNGENCO 3 always considers people as the most important resource to successfully implement the unit's tasks. That consistent point of view is expressed by both material and spiritual concern for workers. Ensure employment and stable income for 100% employees after privatizing. Every year, in addition to organizing visits, mobilizing, giving presents to employees' families with difficult circumstances, the Board of Directors and Trade Unions also organize visits and timely mobilize employees to operate and repair. On holidays, Tet, organize many activities to take care of employees' health, cultural and sports movements, attracting a large number of employees to participate in, focusing on skilled training, intensive and quality improvement human resources, to meet the work demands when EVNGENCO 3 moved to operate with a joint stock company model. These specific and practical activities have strengthened the Corporation's employees to overcome challenges and make efforts to fulfill the most assigned tasks of electricity production and soon bring power plants into commercial operation to contribute to ensuring national energy security.
The first spring at the new headquarters
In 2019, Power Generation Corporation 3 officially relocated its head office from Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province to Sala Urban Area, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered the economic and financial heart of the whole country, with the new headquarters location, the Power Generation Corporation 3 expects to create momentum for EVNGENCO 3 collective to integrate, improve and firmly develop before those difficulties of a company that has just been equitized. 
The new headquarters of the Corporation in Sala Urban Area, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Electricity Production in 2019 that Vietnam Electricity assigns the Corporation is 35,748 billion kWh, increase 6.75% compared to 2018. In the context of continued unfavorable hydrological situation, EVNGENCO 3 is not with new sources of electricity being put into operation, reduced gas fuel and potentially dangerous coal fuel supply, this output plan is a great amount, requiring EVNGENCO 3 to strive more. 

The Corporation will also boost construction investment due to the pressure requiring more new power sources, when the electricity demand of the electricity system is increasing. Accordingly, the Corporation continues to carry out investment promotion activities focusing on new power projects such as Long Son Power Complex Project, Ninh Phuoc 7 Solar Power Project and other projects.

Trusting in the results achieved in 2018, analyzing and estimating difficulties in 2019, EVNGENCO 3 has planned and proposed solutions for each specific task, striving to complete excellent tasks in 2019, contributing positively and effectively to the development of the electricity industry, worthy of the trust of the Group and the higher level for the Power Generation Corporation 3.

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