The affiliates of EVNGENCO3 are well prepared to deal with the stormy season in 2022

Coming to the peak rainy months at the end of 2022, the affiliates of Power Generation Joint Stock Corporation 3 including Thac Ba, Vinh Son - Song Hinh, and Se San 3A Hydro Power, they all coordinated with the appropriate authority to prepare the plans to ensure the safety of dams, as well as to operate generating electricity efficiently.

The company conducts activities to maintain and repair lifting equipment for flood gates

To achieve these goals, before the beginning of rainy season in 2022, Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company checked, maintained, and reinforced work items such as Main Dam, spillway, downstream discharge channel, upstream and downstream warning systems, warning radio stations, communication system, mechanical and hydraulic equipment... The company carried out the restoration and minor repair for the generating units, and inspected, maintained and fixed the errors of the electrical equipment and mechanical equipment, in order to eliminate risk that may occur, also to make sure all the equipment are always ready during the peak time in upcoming stormy season.

At the same time, the Company cooperates with local authorities inside the reservoir corridor area of Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang and Phu Tho provinces to find solutions to be more proactive in preventing and controlling natural disaster, searching and rescuing in 2022. The Company strengthens the organization and work force, well prepares materials and transportations, conducts drills of response plan to deal with basic disaster situations to improve readiness with potentially dangerous situations that may happen. The company also makes plans and find solutions to organize on duty, closely monitors the developments of natural disasters and strictly follows reporting regimes in accordance with regulations, makes sure the well communication.

Mr. Vu Tien Hung - Deputy General Director of Se San 3A Power Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, conducting the drill

To be well prepared to respond in the rainy and stormy season, Sesan 3A Power Investment and Development Joint Stock Company organized a drill to handle equipment breakdowns, prevent and controll natural disaster, search and rescue in 2022. The drill helped employees to improve their troubleshooting skills to be quickly and accurately, also ensure the safety of people and equipment in all situations that may occur during the operation of electricity generation.

The company closely cooperates with local authorities at all levels, monitors and reviews all work items, operations on the lake, downstream, in areas along both sides of the river as well as in the lower part of the river to remind and encourage the relocation of works in dangerous areas, warns and recommends people to adjust their production, grow crops and livestock plans to be appropriate and safe in the rainy season.

The maintenance team of Sesan 3A Hydroelectricity is drilling about changing the control oil pipe

In addition, Sesan 3A Hydropower has applied technology software to support managing and operating safely and effectively for lakes and dams such as: Database system of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Collection system of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Collecting data for monitoring and operating hydroelectric reservoirs, rain measurement systems, etc. it allows to access to get hydrological data of hydroelectric reservoirs conveniently and accurately. The automatic monitoring and surveillance camera system are connected and transmitted data online to functional units to help coordinating operation and regulation of the reservoir more safely and effectively.

The factories which are managed by Vinh Son - Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock Company (including: Vinh Son Hydropower, Song Hinh Hydroelectricity, Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower) have established a Committee of preventing and controlling natural disaster, searching and rescuing, to cooperate with local authorities to build regulations on coordination in the operation of hydropower reservoirs. Now, all factories are equipped with discharge monitoring camera systems, located in the main locations of the dam, the upstream, the downstream, the spill discharge area; they are inspected and maintained key work items of factories, to be ready to deal with any situations in the rainy and stormy season.

The rainy season, then Thac Ba, Se San 3A, Vinh Son, and Song Hinh Hydropower plants have  well prepared in all aspects, get ready to meet the requirements to ensure operating safety for constructions and downstream areas, protecting people who live in the areas and their properties, and at the same time effectively exploiting water resources for power generation, production and daily life... Especially, the work force always raise the spirit of vigilance, not subjective, negligent and get ready to deal with any situations in preventing and controlling natural disaster, searching and rescuing in 2022.

Department of inspection and security