Quality guarantee solution for major repair projects in the COVID -19 epidemic of EPS Company

In the end-of-year months, the EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS) performs many major repair projects for thermal power plants both inside and outside EVNGENCO 3. Most projects require intensive repair technology and manpower; therefore, experts in manufacturing and technical consultancy are requested to be present at the Site. During this period, the COVID-19 epidemic situation in the world and in the country was very complicated, so the mobilization of foreign experts to the Site faced many difficulties. To solve the quality guarantee problem and progress of major overhaul projects for thermal power plants, the EPS Company has “activated” solutions to provide high efficiency.

Remote working with experts (repair project of plant units under Phu My 4 Thermal Power Plant)

Since July 1st, the EPS Company has undertook to carry out 4 major repair projects at Phu My 4 Thermal Power Plant at the same time, including the repair of GT 41, ST 43 plant units and 02 heat recovery furnaces consisting of HRSG 41, 42. This project includes 770 work items, in which the repair of GT 41 plant unit is a special project, almost like an overhaul, because its housing and gas turbine rotor must be removed for replacement and repair of dynamic and static vanes of the air compressor. The performance of these works requires very high technical skills and accuracy, meeting the highest standards as specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, the presentation of experts in charge of direct technical supervision at the site is a must.

Due to impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic, right from the time of planning repair projects for unit plants, experts of the GE Group (General Electric - USA) may be suffered from “traffic jam” to Vietnam; the EPS Company has implemented a series of measures with potential results.

Mobilization of internal manpower: for workforces in charge of implementing projects, the EPS Company has mobilized experts and engineers who have high qualifications and experience in the overhaul of large-capacity plant units from 07 repair workshops in Phu My, Vinh Tan, Mong Duong, Thai Binh etc., to gather for the repair project at Phu My 4 Plant; proactively assigning tasks and taking over expert positions at the Site to support on-site assessments. C&I workforces, Operation Shifts, Engineering Department of the Plant have presided over the commissioning and testing. In addition, the GE Group has also appointed one representative in Vietnam to strictly follow the project progress, closely coordinating with EPS’s engineers at the Site in order to quickly resolve problems incurred.

Remote working experts: The Company has implemented remote working measures with GE’s experts in various forms such as technical consultancy through CCTV cameras mounted at the factory; organizing online meetings to monitor daily construction quality with experts. “The remoting working measures with experts does not affect the project progress, just agreeing on solutions and discussing carefully with experts on each work item, the efficiency is still guaranteed” - Mr. Le Trong Chuong - Foreman of Phu My Mechanical and Thermal Repair Workshop of EPS Company said.

As a result, after 31 working days with 3 consecutive shifts, the repair project at Phu My 4 Thermal Power Plant is completed, ensuring both quality and progress, plant units are handed over to A0 to put into safe operation and service.

Coordination with experts even during the quarantine (overhaul at Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant)

From August 1st, the EPS Company has implemented the overhaul project of generator turbines for Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant. Based on contents of the contract signed with Quang Ninh Thermal Power Company, EPS will overhaul turbines, main steam valves and other auxiliary equipment for the S3 plant unit (with capacity of 300 MW).

As soon as the news of recurrence of Covid-19 is released, leaders of the EPS Company have asked working groups in charge of the repair project at Quang Ninh Thermal Power Plant to strictly comply with safe and healthy measures and instructions without causing any impacts on the repair progress. Meanwhile, foreign experts fail to be present at the Plant due to 14-day quarantine upon arriving Vietnam according to regulations. Facing this difficult situation, EPS has prioritized the direction, administration, concentration and maximum mobilization of human resources to implement the project as planned, and at the same time decided to cooperate with experts even in quarantine time. EPS’s teams and foreign experts will work remotely through CCTV cameras at the Site, improving the online interaction to agree on solutions and plans to be implemented during the repair process.

Currently, the project progress basically meets the plan. The working groups have successfully removed and moved turbine rotors and in the stage of inspection and evaluation of details such as turbine housing, turbine rotor, shaft bearings, main steam valve and auxiliary equipment.

Mr. Truong Van Phuong - Deputy Director of EPS Company said that: “Under the second Covid-19 wave, to ensure that plants supply sufficient electricity during complicated developments of the epidemic, we are always in a proactive and urgent condition to timely offer solutions in order to quickly meet customer’s requirements, and strictly control risks of epidemic spread at the Site to control the repair progress and quality, making the best efforts to put plant units into service as soon as possible”. As expected, after the quarantine time and implementation of necessary tests to ensure health, foreign experts will generally cooperate with EPS to prepare for the reassembly of rotor, calibration and commissioning of plant units before handing over to power generation units. The overhaul project is expected to be completed on September 30.

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