Quality and safety guarantee of the repair project for plant units of Phu My 4

At 23:45 a.m. on July 31, 2020, after 31 days of downtime (from July 1st to July 31st, 2020), plant units of the Phu My 4 Thermal Power Plant were officially handed over to the National Load Dispatch Centre (A0) for putting into operation, after completing the overhaul as planned. This is the first time units have performed the repair of GT41 and ST43 plant units, 41 and 42 furnaces without the direct assistance of the GE’s manufacturing experts at the Site.

Phu My 4 Thermal Power Plant is one of four plant clusters under the management and operation of Phu My Thermal Power Company. The Plant is put into commercial operation from August 2004, the accumulated output as of the end of July 2020 is about 50 billion kWh. The plant has applied the combined-cycle gas turbine technology with the design capacity of 450MW and operating configuration of 2-2-1, including 02 GT13E2 gas turbines, each one’s capacity is 150MW, 02 heat recovery furnaces and 01 KA13E2 steam turbine unit with the capacity of 160 MW.

Gas rotor turbine is removed for vane replacement

Due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, all experts of the GE Manufacturer (General Electric Corporation - USA) cannot come to Vietnam to support the repair and maintenance of plant units directly at the Site. However, the repair plan for plant units of Phu My 4 has to be implemented to guarantee the safe operation. Facing these difficulties, the plan agreed with the GE contractor is to apply remote support solutions through online applications, so that foreign experts can supervise, consult, support and provide suggestions and recommendations during the performance process. Although this project is only repair of the GT41 plant unit, almost overhauled because the mechanical part is required to remove the housing and move the entire shaft of the gas turbine rotor to carry out inspection and treatment of defects of the air compressor, thoroughly repairing defects of the plant unit.

Facing this challenge, Phu My Thermal Power Company has cooperated with EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS) to prepare a detailed plan for preparing each work item, assigning and arranging experienced personnel from units to replace foreign experts. This work requires high qualifications and engineering such as removing rotor, replacing vanes of the air compressor (static and dynamic vanes of floors 18, 19, 20 and 21 undertaken by the EPS Company; acceptance, commissioning and adjustment of the plant unit after the overhaul carried out by the C&I Team under Operation Workshop 1 of Phu My Thermal Power Company).

After 31 working days with 3 consecutive shifts, the maintenance and repair work has been completed. Devices and equipment have been put into operation, commissioning and acceptance in turn to meet technical requirements as planned, assuring the safety and quality and meeting the schedule as approved by A0, promptly supplying electricity in the peak time of the dry season in Northern provinces, contributing to guarantee the national energy security.

This is the first landmark project of Phu My Thermal Power Company and EPS Company in respect of the overhaul of plant units without direct support of manufacturing experts at the Site, this represents a new development step in the management, operation, repair and maintenance of power plants. Furthermore, it is also a premise for the Power Generation Corporation 3 to actively implement plans to improve its internal capacity and optimize costs in implementing overhauls of generators in the coming time and other solutions to ensure the safety during the quarantine time due to impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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