Power Generation Corporation 3 received the EDGE Certification on Global Gender Equality

The Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) has just officially received the EDGE Certification on Global Gender Equality (EDGE - Economic Dividends for Gender Equality), Grade ASSESS - This certification is designed by the EDGE Certified Foundation (Switzerland).

EVNGENCO 3 achieved the EDGE Certification issued by the EDGE Certified Foundation (Switzerland)

Implementing the target of building a gender equality environment and developing women's empowerment, and implementing the Statement No. 1886/EVN-TCNS dated April 11, 2019 of EVN on the gender equality plan in 2019, EVN has assigned corporations (including EVNGENCO 3) to coordinate with the Vietnam Business Coalition for Women's Empowerment (VBCWE) to carry out the global gender equality assessment of EDGE, EVNGENCO 3 has actively attempted to coordinate with VBCWE to carrying out training courses, instructions for units, propaganda of benefits of the EDGE Certification, data collection; employee surveys and so on.

EVNGENCO 3 has designed 02 posters to carry out the propaganda in all its units during the implementation period

To receive the EDGE Certification, EVNGENCO 3 has carried out the survey process of more than 2,700 employees in the Corporation with the survey completion rate of over 95% to implement the policy evaluation and gender equality implementation according to EDGE standards as implemented by Intertek - an independent American auditing company, with a branch operating in Vietnam.

Through the survey process and data assessment from EVNGENCO 3 as well as audits of implementation documents, EVNGENCO 3 is recognized to be achieved the gender equality in its human resources, effective implementation of policies and practices on the gender equality. Notably, in the assessed areas, EVNGENCO 3 has achieved up to 83% on the gender equality scale of recruitment and promotion, 100% in the corporate culture; female employees account for over 20%; over 80% of surveyed employees (both female and male) said that they have equal work opportunity (over 80%) and salary (over 90%); in addition, when auditing documents of EVNGENCO 3, the auditing unit has also recognized and assessed efforts of EVNGENCO 3 in particular and EVN in general in the gender equality sector.

When participating in the EDGE certification, EVNGENCO 3 has an opportunity to review and re-evaluate its policies, measure and assess accurately the gender equality policy of EVNGENCO 3 in recent years, since then preparing more effective implementation plans in the coming time and spreading great achievements and encouraging other enterprises to participate towards the gender equality and women's empowerment in Vietnam.

The receipt of the EDGE Certification has confirmed EVN’s regimes and policies in general and EVNGENCO 3 in particular towards the development of gender equality and commitments of EVNGENCO 3’s leaders in developing the gender equality works at EVNGENCO 3.

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