Phu My Thermal Power Company implements many solutions to guarantee production and business efficiency

During the first 6 months of 2022 with an important role in assuring the power supply for the Southern Region, Phu My Thermal Power Company (as a unit of Power Generation Corporation 3) has come up with many specific solutions to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of plant units, contributing to ensuring the power sources for socio-economic development and national energy security.

Phu My Power Complex

Production and business completion for the first 6 months of the year

Due to the complicated political and economic situation in the world, high prices of input fuels such as coal and gas, and changes in the electricity market, many plant units of Phu My Power Plant often have to operate in the form of daily Start/Stop mode, with the total number of starts up to 30th June 2022 of plant units is 346 times (258 times for gas turbines and 88 times for steam turbines). However, thanks to many effective solutions being implemented, plant units of Phu My Thermal Power Plant always operate stably and reliably to meet mobilization methods of the National Load Dispatch Center.

Accordingly, the power output produced by the Company in the first 6 months of 2022 is 6,001 million kWh, reaching 51.91% of the 2022 Plan as assigned by the Power Generation Corporation 3. Phu My Thermal Power Plant has cooperated with EPS Company to complete 02 major repair works, including the repair of TI of GT12 plant unit and the overhaul of GT42 plant unit. Also, the economic and technical indicators such as downtime rate, availability factor, self-consumption ratio, response coefficient, fuel consumption rate etc., have satisfied the targets of the plan.

Assurance of production and business efficiency

Phu My Thermal Power Company has closely monitored the gas supply situation and made adequate reserves of DO oil based on the norms to guarantee the sufficient fuel source for production, fully prepared materials for repair and maintenance works, strategic backup for plant units and power stations; ensuring the quality, shortening the progress of major repair works; applying the RCM to major repair works; repairing abnormalities, maintaining safe and stable operations of plant units. In addition, the Company has also maintained equipment and lines to assure the maximum transmission capacity of all power transmission lines; strengthening the operation disciplines, inspection, evaluation, assessment, detection and timely handling of equipment abnormalities; effectively applying and using PMIS technical management programs, electronic operation diaries; efficiently implementing and assuring the safety and environment in the production. In addition, the Company has also developed and implemented a plan to improve the operational efficiency and reliability of plants, promoting the movements of technical innovation initiatives, actively responding to the movement of “One million initiatives” launched by the Vietnam Electricity Trade Union of the Corporation.

The Company implements many solutions to achieve the highest optimal production efficiency

In the process of digital transformation and automation, the Company has promoted the application of 4.0 Technology in its production and operation activities. At the Conference on Power Sector Automation in the digital transformation trend held on April 12th, 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City by EVN, Phu My Thermal Power Company has introduced and displayed 2 automation products including Metal Tank Painting Robot (PM TANKBOT 1) and Autonomous Power Conversion Simulation System (ATS). These digital transformation application products have contributed significantly to improving the efficiency of production and business activities, increasing labor productivity, improving the reliability of power supply, and ensuring the supply of operation and repair services of power plants for customers.

Under the current situation of many difficulties and challenges, Phu My Thermal Power Company has proactively proposed some practical, timely, and flexible solutions to achieve business results in 2022. Based on this plan, the Company's five-year power output is 9,981 million kWh; completing 09 repair works, ensuring quality, progress and achieving economic and technical targets as assigned by the Corporation, assuring the health of employees, especially the prevention and control measures of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phu My Thermal Power Company

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