Phu My Thermal Power Company held a meeting on International Women's Day 8/3

On purpose to honor and record the contributions of women in the Company, comrades in the Board of Directors, the Executive Board of the Company's Union and male colleagues had gave the women beautiful bouquet and best wishes.
At the ceremony, the Representative of the WomenCommittee briefed about the history establishment of the International Women's Day March 8,  as well as the initial battle over equality rights and happiness for women all over the world.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Duong Thanh Dung - Vice Acting Director  cum Head of the Committee for the Advancement of Women glorified the female employees had achieved over the past years as well as to promote their abilities to further women’s position in the family and society.

Mr. Duong Thanh Dung - Vice Acting Director of the company gave congratulations to the all the female employees on the occasion of the International Women's Day 8/3
On behalf of all female staffs, the representatives of the Women's Committee have sincerely thanked the Company's Board of Directors for their concern and caring for the lives of all the employees in the Company, especially the female employees. In 2018, the female employees will continue to strive to improve itself in all aspects, promote the role of women in social activities , , self-study andcreation, build happy family and exert to accomplish their mission in 2018.

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on March 8th, the Company celebrated and rewarded the group and individuals who have reached achievement of 2 "for the country and " in order to motivate all female employees implement their assigned tasks.

In order to improve the quality of activities of the movement and motivate and encourage the spirit of the women employees to actively compete for the work, strive to fulfill the assigned tasks, the Women's Committee organized a flower contest for all female employees. Attending the contest, there are 04 groups devide into 08 teams representing the divisions and workshops, with the theme "Honor to Vietnamese Woman" and "Happiness Fulfilled  Fulfilling", they put all emotions and talents in deep, meaningful comments. The works show meaningful beautiful creative ideas with results:
- First prize: Team 1, Professional Group 1 (NV1)
- Second prize: Team 1, Professional Group 2 (NV2) and Team 1, Professional Group 3 (NV3)
- Two third prizes: Team 2 NV1 and NV3 Team 2
- Three consolation prizes: Team 2 of NV2 female and Team 4 of Operational Group – (VH-H)
The contest happens in a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere of the Company's employees, although all of them are amateurs but have tried their best, expressing themselves in front of the whole Company employees.

      The contest has helped to increase understanding for each other, creating a close knit relationship, exchanges, sticking together, creating an atmosphere of excitement for female employees to help them have the opportunity to show their talents, exchange experiences in life and work; also promote good traditions, constantly strive to complete the assigned tasks.

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