Ninh Binh Thermal Power Plant ensures human resources for electricity generation during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Although Ninh Binh is not the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to actively ensure production safety, Ninh Binh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company has implemented measures to prevent the pandemic and ensure safe, continuous and economic production.
   Following the direction of local authorities, EVN/EVNGENCO 3, the Company has planned a concentrated camp for the operating team to eat and rest at the Company after working hours from 0:00 on May 28, 2021. The company conducts a closed production process to ensure both electricity generation and effective anti-pandemic measures. The concentrated group this time is mainly operators in the main production line, including female workers with nearly 86 people, including the shift leader, the furnace - machine operating workshop and the Electrical - Temperature checking workshop’s teams. The Company's Health Force regularly checked employees’ temperature bodies, disinfected, and strictly followed the 5K message of the Ministry of Health.
    In order to carry out well this concentrated camping plan this time, the Company has performed well the ideological work for employees; arrange suitable places to eat, sleep and rest; Sports and entertainment complexes are carefully prepared to ensure both physical and mental health for employees. The company strengthens the internet network so that during the break, employees can update the current situation at home and abroad as well as the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao, chief operator, shared that: Although there are still many household matters to worry about, she and her colleagues here are well aware of the complicated situation of the pandemic and the importance of the Company's electricity generation. Hence, when there is a mobilization order, she is ready to temporarily leave her family, temporarily put aside her own plans to quarantine in the Company, making her small contribution to maintaining the electricity output for economic and social development of the country.

Mr. Duong Xuan Hong - Deputy General Director, Chairman of the Company's Trade Union (leftmost) visited and encouraged the operation team.

    With reasonable and timely solutions and the unity of all employees, Ninh Binh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company has well implemented the prevention of COVID-19 and the goal of ensuring safe and stable production, contributing to the successful completion of the tasks in 2021.
Some photos of concentrated quarantine, in which the operation team eats, stays and do their routine after work at the Company:


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