Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant started to respond to World Environment Day

To respond to World Environment Day, Mong Duong Thermal Power launched, propagated and organized activities with the theme "Action month for the environment" in the period until the end of June 2021, focusing on the theme "Ecosystem Restoration" with many specific and practical activities contributing to improving the surrounding environment as well as ensuring the power generation environment of the plant.
   The company propagated about the meaning of World Environment Day, displayed and posted images responding to World Environment Day on the electronic board in front of the Company's entrance and hung banners and slogans at operation and production areas of workshops. This traditional approach has helped the plant’s staff to understand more about World Environment Day 2021 with the program "Ecosystem Restoration" - The message of gathering and solidarity to protect and revive ecosystems around the world, for the interest of people and nature.

   Focusing on the implementation of the movement "Growing trees" with the participation of a large number of employees, workers and Youth Union members in the Company.

   Always maintain the focus on controlling and monitoring emission parameters, environmental monitoring parameters during operation, ensure that the values are within the allowable standard limits and the operation of the system is safe, reliable and continuous, enhance the transparency of parameters and ensure that the signal transmitted directly to the electronic boards as well as to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Ninh province is always smooth. Organize series of inspection, review and assessment of environmental pollution risks and threats; develop plans for incident prevention and response, organize rehearses to handle oil spills at the Company's limestone port.

Youth Union members started to plant trees at the company's premises

   Workshops strengthen control over the classification, collection, transportation and treatment of hazardous wastes, industrial wastes, domestic wastes in accordance with regulations. Mobilize employees, union members and young people to actively participate in planting trees to improve the environment, dredging and clearing the drainage system in workshops, areas around the plant and residential areas of the company. Organize the cleaning, collection and treatment of garbage at the receipt door of circulating water for cooling and cutting of weeds in the areas assigned by the Company to each department and workshop in charge.


Clearing sewers, dredging drainage ditches in front of the Company's gate

   As a result of the launching program to respond to World Environment Day 2021 of Mong Duong Thermal Power, more than 300 employees and family members of the Company have joined the program to clean the surrounding environment of the workplace and residential areas, helping to revitalize the ecosystem. For each batch, each group worked in each area according to the assigned scheme and the Plant also implemented safety and health measures to always ensure the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, ensuring the safety of electricity generation.
Mai Xuan Doan – Mong Duong Thermal Power

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