On 18/01/2019, in Mong Duong Ward, Quang Ninh Province, Mong Duong Thermal Power Company held a Conference to summarize the works in 2018 and implement missions in 2019.

Attending  at the Conference were Mr. Nguyen Van Le - Chairman of BOM, Cao Minh Trung - Vice President, Chairman of the Corporation's Trade Union and representatives of the Boards of the Corporation, Union Executive Committee and over 200 employees representing the employee of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company attended.

Mr. Nguyen Van Le – Chairman of BOD Power Generation Corporation 3 speech at the conference

At the Conference, Mr. Pham Van Thap - Deputy Director of the Company reported the results of the works in 2018 and the objectives and missions of 2019. Mr. Nguyen Quang Trang - Chairman of the Union Executive Committee summary report on union activities in 2018 and directions and missions for 2019.
2018 is a challenging and difficult year for Thermal Power Project Management 1 and Mong Duong Thermal Power Company. The project management in the final stage consists of a lot of complicated work, settlement of works related to many parties. Regarding the production of electricity, there are also many obstacles such as: Repairing combined with FAC of 02 prolonged due to the handling of abnormal turbine wing damage of the machine S2, the hot weather lasts from the middle of  May 2018 makes the temperature of the cooling water output of the plant in high level,  led to the reducing the load of the unit. 
Despite of difficulties, the units in the Company have actively found many solutions to improve the quality of equipment operation, in coordination with the EPS Company to make plans and carry out maintenance and repair of equipment reasonably, promptly reduce downtime. The power output of the Company in 2018 reached 5.723 billion KWh, highest since the factory went into commercial operation so far.
Environmental protection has been paid special attention by the company leaders such as completing and installing additional automatic monitoring systems and transferring environmental data to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the transfer of hazardous waste to transport and treatment department is carried out in accordance with regulations. The company also actively responded to the campaign "Make the world cleaner" organized by the Power Generation Corporation 3 under the theme "Managing waste for a sustainable rural environment".
At the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh - Party Committee Secretary, Director of the Company clarified more clearly the difficulties and obstacles that are encountered, and highlighted the solutions that the Company has implemented to overcome.  In addition, he also asked the departments and factories of the company to focus on implementing key targets in 2019 such as: Ensuring the factory operates safely, reliably and effectively, respond completely the economic and technical norms assigned by the Corporation, ensure the completion and exceeding the norms of labor productivity, reduce the production and business costs, increase the efficiency of capital use, and maintain the system effectively quality management according to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 standards.
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Le - Chairman of BOD of the Power Generation Corporation 3 highly appreciated the efforts of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company in trying to complete the tasks assigned by Power Generation Corporation 3 in 2018 and at the same time direct the implementation of important solutions to well perform the missions of production and business plan, construction investment of the Company.
With tasks and new challenges, the entire BOD and employees of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company continue to promote good traditions, available strengths, overcome shortcomings and urgently Implement tasks right from the beginning of the year, striving to successfully implement the tasks of 2019, contributing positively to the development of the Power Generation Corporation in particular and the electricity industry in general.
Some images at the conference:

BOD operating the conference

Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh – Party Committee Secretary, Director speech at the conference.

Mr. Pham Van Thap – Deputy Director of the Company reported in the Conference.

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