High power generation of EVNGENCO3 power plants

During the first 5 months of 2022, power plants of Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO3) continue to generate power in a safe and economic state. In which, the Corporation’s hydropower plants are highly generated due to favorable hydrological situation.

The generated power output in May 2022 of EVNGENCO3 is 2,592 billion kWh, reaching 91.89% of the plan, accumulated consumption in the first 5 months is 13.228 billion kWh, reaching 41.53% of the year plan. EVNGENCO3's power plants have responded successfully the mobilization of the National Load Dispatch Center to guarantee the safe power supply, contributing to ensuring the power supply for the 31st SEA Games and the last session of the National Assembly.


Buon Kuop Hydropower Company manages and operates 3 including Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop and Srepok 3 Hydropower plants

In May 2022, thanks to favorable hydrological situation, the Corporation's hydropower plants are highly generated, the total hydropower output reached 473 million kWh, equivalent to 149.2% of the plan. One of the highlight is Buon Kuop Hydropower Company, the water flow to Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop, and Srepok3 reservoirs in the month increased significantly, reaching over 167% compared to the average of the same period in the past 12 years, the Company has made use of the water resources and produced 215 million kWh, reaching 193.7% of the monthly plan. Particularly, coal- and ga-fired thermal power plants of the Corporation are not highly generated due to the high cost of coal and gas fuel sources.


As expected that in June 2022, the planned power output of EVNGENCO3 will be 3,145 billion kWh

To achieve the above results, in addition to favorable hydrological conditions, hydroelectric power plants have comprehensively implemented many solutions, regularly monitored and measured the optimal operation method of water sources, ensuring the water regulation for downstream of reservoirs such as Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop, Srepok, Se San 3A, Vinh Son, Song Hinh; assuring the safe and continuous operations of equipment of the plant units; completing the repair and maintenance works with high quality and early schedule. In particular, the Corporation has carried out the inspection of occupational safety and health, flood and storm prevention, search and rescue, reservoir and dam safety at power plants, ensuring the safety and readiness to respond to situations before and during the rainy season in 2022.

It is expected that in June 2022, the planned power output of EVNGENCO3 will be 3,145 billion kWh and ensure the highest availability of power units. In which, Phu My Power Plants ensure to meet 100% of the generation demand of the system and according to the gas supply capacity, coal-fired thermal power plants are ready to generate according to the demands of the grid; hydropower plants are operated in the manner of optimizing the water flow and assuring the water supply for downstream areas. The Corporation also continues to implement construction and investment projects as planned; maintaining the stability of environmental protection in the production area; actively implementing thematic activities in 2022 and carrying out the planned tasks in 2022; successfully organizing the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PGV.

Source: Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper