EVNGENCO3 praises and rewards 43 typical workers and 20 excellent safety and hygiene employees

   On May 27th, 2022, at Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province, Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO3) has organized a Ceremony to commend and reward 43 typical workers in the electricity industry and 20 excellent safety and hygiene employees in 2022 of the Corporation.

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   Participants of the Ceremony include Mr. Uong Quang Huy - Vice Chairman of EVN’s Trade Union, Mr. Le Van Danh - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, General Director of EVNGENCO3, Mr. Vu Quang Sang - Chairman of Trade Union of the Corporation, and heads of Vietnam Trade Union, commissioners of the Executive Committee of the Corporation's Trade Union, professional leaders, managers of trade union members, affiliated companies, heads of departments, divisions of the Corporation and other typical employees to be honored at the Ceremony.

Leaders of EVNGENCO3 and EVN’s Trade Union praise typical employees in 2022

   This is a prominent activity in response to the movement of Workers' Month and Action Month of Occupational Safety and Health of EVNGENCO3. This commendation program is combined with the Excellent Safety and Hygiene Employees Contest at the Corporation Level in 2022. The Ceremony is to recognize, reward and honor “Typical Electrical Workers” and “Excellent Safety and Hygiene Employees" who have excellent achievements and great contributions to the development of the Corporation and its units in recent years, and it is also an opportunity for EVNGENCO3 to express its gratitude to employees and workers who directly participate in the production and business, thereby expanding such typical examples, mobilizing employees to strive more actively in all assigned works, emulating and successfully completing assigned tasks.

Mr. Le Van Danh - General Director of EVNGENCO3 speaks at the Ceremony

   Speaking at the Ceremony, EVNGENCO3's General Director has expressed sincere thanks and acknowledged the valuable contributions of 3169 workers and employees of Power Generation Corporation 3 during the past 10 years from the date of establishment up to now, especially the individuals who are rewarded on this occasion. They have actively and creatively researched and mastered the technology to operate and repair power plants, ensuring the safe - effective - economic operation of unit plants, contributing to guarantee the energy security. The Corporation shall coordinate effectively with the Trade Union to take care of employees, continue to promote the tradition and culture of EVNGENCO3, organizing many meaningful and practical activities for employees’ life, assuring jobs, training and retraining to improve capacity, skills and experience for employees. In addition, the Corporation has also required employees to actively promote emulation movements of technical improvement initiatives, opinion contributions, proposal of plans and application of IT, digital transformation at works, and excellently completing assigned tasks. The roles and operations of the Safety and Health Management System are improved, regularly organizing training and retraining courses to ensure the best performance of OSH activities.

Mr. Uong Quang Huy - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Trade Union speaks at the Ceremony

   At the Ceremony, Mr. Uong Quang Huy - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Trade Union has highly appreciated the results achieved by the Corporation's Trade Union in OSH works, especially the concern and care of workers and employees of the Corporation are implemented in a very timely, meaningful and practical manner. During the recent COVID-19 outbreaks, EVNGENCO3 has organized many programs to ensure workers' health and maintain electricity production and supply. The OSH works have been put in order, training courses and contests are organized periodically for the employees of the Safety and Health Management System, facilitating the exchange and learning experiences and then applying them in practice effectively. The annual commendation and rewards of typical employees and excellent safety and hygiene employees of the Corporation should continue to be maintained and promoted and further promoted to expand good examples, increasing the number of rewards and creating dynamic competition in the labor force.

Typical employees of EVNGENCO3 are praised at the Ceremony

   In addition to 43 typical workers and 20 excellent safety and hygiene employees to be honored in this time at the Corporation Level, 04 individuals are honored as Typical Workers in Electricity Industry in 2022 at the EVN’s Commendation Conference held on May 19th. At the end of the Ceremony, all the honored individuals have also participated in the program to visit and exchange at Vinh Tan Power Plant, Duc Thanh School Relics in Phan Thiet and other activities together at Mui Ne Beach.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of EVN and Mr. Vo Quang Lam - Deputy General Director of EVN give flowers and logos to typical employees of the Electricity Industry in 2022, including 04 individuals from EVNGENCO3 (in the middle of the back row)

Source: VOV, Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper