During 9 days lasts - Lunar New Year Holiday - from 02/02 to 10/02/2019 (ie from December 28 in Mau Tuat Year to the end of the 6th day of the Lunar New Year),  The power plants of Power Generation Corporation 3 has operated safely, stably and satisfactorily according to the mobilization of the National Electricity System Regulation, ensuring energy security as well as ensuring occupational safety and health, fire and security protection in the units are always maintained. The total generation output of dependent accounting units of the Corporation in 09 days of Lunar New Year reached 409.72 million kWh, of which the output of thermal power plants reached 376.35 million kWh, appropriates 92% Power output of the Corporation. The peak time of the day, the total generation capacity on the national grid, reached 2,596 MW, appropriates 12.25% of the total system load (21,187 MW). 

Operator works at power plant during Lunar New Year 2019
To obtain this result, beside the direction of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam, since the end of 2018, the Corporation has implemented many measures to urge units members and related companies ensure the supply of electricity, repair and fix the problems of the units before the holidays, ensuring no incidents occur; arrange schedule to supplement regular repair force in time to support abnormal recovery in Tet; preparing to fully receive fuel, especially coal for Vinh Tan and Mong Duong coal-fired power plants. Focusing on checking and supervising environmental management, OSH, environmental parameters monitoring system, transferring data to functional agencies to ensure good operation, port areas receiving coal and slag , ... monitored, watering the surface continuously, not to release dust into the surrounding environment. Strengthening the inspection of the construction site to ensure the overall progress of the project is under construction, especially for projects with urgent progress that must be implemented even during holidays and must be absolutely safe. In addition, the Corporation has strengthened the protection of information security, fire protection, fire prevention and fighting, assure production safety, arrange schedule on duty for leaders and additional security services at factories, construction sites, often check, patrol and supervise before and during Tet holidays.
During the Ky Hoi Lunar New Year holidays - 2019, the Corporation always ensured the mobilization capacity of the National Electricity System Regulation, no incidents occurred during operation. Due to the general situation of low load system, some units are arranged to stop the backup but the factories are always ready to mobilize when necessary. Regular operation and repair work force ensures 24/24, environmental management work in coal-fired thermal power plants well maintained; images, environmental monitoring parameters transmitted to DoNRE are always monitored continuously; Power Plants of Power Generation Corporation 3 have contributed to ensuring energy security for the National Power System, providing enough electricity for the whole country to have a Lunar New Year Holiday - 2019 safe and fun /.

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