EVNGENCO 3 Power service company (EPS) signed the MOU with Korea Plant Service & Engineering

Memorandum of Understanding between EPS and Kepco KPS is among the 10 documents of the two countries’ enterprises in the field of industry and trade, witnessed by the two ministers. Prior to that, the two Ministers signed five documents, in which one has signed by the Vice Minister,  and tow signed by  representatives  of department of the two different Ministries.

Also at the ceremony, Vietnam Electricity signed two memorandum of understanding, one regarding cooperation in building a pilot wind power plant and offshore electricity system with Southeast Korea Electricity Corporation, Heavy Industries and Doosan Korea Construction and and the other regarding cooperation in electric field  with Korea National Electric Corporation.

Chairman of EVN's Board of Members Duong Quang Thanh (left) has signed the MOU with the leader South Korea's Electricity Corporation and of Korea's Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Corporation

Deputy General Director of EVN - Ngo Son Hai (left) signs MoU on cooperation in the field of electricity with the National Power Group of Korea

Over the years, the Korea Electric Group has been involved in many of Vietnam's power projects and contributed significantly to the development of Vietnam's power industry. Based on this good tradition and in order to implement EVNGENCO 3’s policy of promoting and developing the technology of repairing power plants EPS promoted activities of cooperating with Kepco KPS to develop technical technologies in the field of power plant refurbishment.

EPS and the Kepco KPS have many similarities in scope and organization when both are professional companies providing repair services to power plants. EPS has more than 20 years of experience in the field of maintenance and operation of power plants under EVNGENCO3, while KPS has over 33 years of experience in this field.
According to the memorandum of understanding, between EPS and Kepco KPS agreed on the contents of cooperation in developing power plant repair and maintenance technology, such as: training, developing experts; technical development, technology to improve efficiency, stability and reliability of power plants; produce, equipment’s supply and installation; replacement material,  consumables; longevity and upgrades.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Cao Minh Trung - Vice President of Power Generation Corporation 3 cum Director of EPS Company affirmed: "The signing of MOU between EPS and Kepco KPS will be a solid foundation for cooperation, development of technology, especially in the field of maintenance of large-scale coal-fired power plants in Power Generation Corporation 3 and  Vietnam Electricity. "

Mr. Cao Minh Trung - Vice President of Power General Corporation 3 cum Director of EPS Company (Left)

"We can understand the challenges and opportunities that EPS is facing today and in the future. As a leading Korean company in power plant repairs, KEPCO KPS commits to fulfilling its responsibilities and to implement aggressively and effectively the contents and terms of cooperation agreement between EPS and Kepco KPS ", said Mr. Maung Dong Youl, Chief Executive Officer of Kepco KPS. 

The partnership agreement signed between EPS and Kepco KPS is an important leap, bringing the relationship of the two companies more closely and sustainably. As a result, EPS will improve the quality of maintenance technology, operate gas and coal –fired power plants, and contribute to ensure  smoothly, safely, continuously and stably operation of power plants both in EVNGENCO 3 and in  domestic and foreign markets.

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