EVNGENCO 3 holds the production steady during the peak time of epidemic prevention

Although facing many difficulties due to influences of the COVID-19 epidemic in the recent time, especially during the social distancing period under the Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister, the Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO) 3) has still made its great attempts to fulfill all production tasks to assure the electricity supply to the national grid and contribute to the energy security.
Under complicated changes of the COVID-19 epidemic, implementation of the social distancing nationwide, the demand for electricity consumption is decreased; however, requirements for safe and continuous electricity supply are still placed on the top to ensure the electricity supply for the daily life of people. To meet this target, the Power Generation Corporation 3 has comprehensively implemented many solutions from administration to operation, management and repair of power plants. Summary of results recorded by the Corporation after the social distancing period from the 1st day to 15th day in April, the total electricity output of EVNGENCO 3’s power plants is 1,345 billion kWh, on average of about 89.7 million kWh per day. Sometimes the Corporation's total power generation capacity is quite high, which is over 4,900MW and the highest power generation capacity of a day is 104.7 million kWh. During this period, all plants have performed well dual tasks, not only maintaining the stability to ensure the 24/24 production to successfully meet the mobilization method of the National Load Dispatch Centre, contributing to providing sufficient electricity for production and people's life, but also preventing the COVID-19 epidemic from spreading to plants and production facilities. Up to now, the Corporation has no suspected or infected case of COVID-19.

Operators of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Plant carry out antiseptic methods before entering the plant and during the operation and operation of equipment

Achieving this result is a great effort of all staff and employees of the Corporation because the power production at the time of national prevention of COVID-19 epidemic is not easy. From the 1st day to 15th day in April, nearly 700 employees of the Corporation temporarily lived far from their home to turn into camping forms, working and living in the factory area, performing tasks of monitoring plants and furnaces to assure the stable and continuous electricity production. Based on actual conditions, each plant unit has applied appropriate implementation measures. The Corporation, its plant units have fully equipped with necessary items, necessities, assignment of logistics forces, health personnel to regularly carry out the health inspection, body temperature measurement, washing hands by antiseptic solutions, wearing masks and implementing epidemic prevention solutions at the campsite, organizing physical activities and sports to maintain employees’ health. Duty shifts are organized alternatively with backup measures, after finishing a shift, employees will come back to the campsite. In addition, staff and employees are transported by separate vehicles in order to prevent cross-contamination. Since then the electricity production in each plant is always stable.

A shift at the Central Control Room of Phu My Thermal Power Plant 1
Although plant units have paid a lot of attention, this concentrated camping is organized for the first time, conditions and facilities are not like home, there are still many difficulties, restrictions or limited living space, most employees are still aware and uphold the spirit of prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, each employee is determined to fight against the epidemic.

=> Information on electricity production:
The electricity output in the 1st Quarter of 2020 of EVNGENCO 3 is 8,591 billion kWh, reaching 24.29% of the year plan, equivalent to 100.77% of the same period in 2019.
The Corporation's electricity output is expected to produce 9,487 billion kWh in the 2nd Quarter of 2020. In which, thermal power plants will operate according to demands of the electricity system, ready to operate by using the oil fuel, promptly meeting the increasing demand of electricity consumption in peak months of the dry season, restoring the production after the social distancing period to control the COVID-19 epidemic. Hydroelectric plants will also make use of the water flows and guarantee the environmental works.
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