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In the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, enterprises in the province are “striving” to carry out “double” tasks of both preventing the Covid-19 epidemic and assuring the business production.

In the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, enterprises in the province are “striving” to carry out “double” tasks of both preventing the Covid-19 epidemic and assuring the business production.

         As a specific production company to guarantee the energy security, Buon Kuop Hydropower Company has developed and strictly implemented regulations, plans and scenarios for the disease prevention in order to be willing to respond to situations and levels in accordance with characteristics and production situation of the company.

         Since August 3rd, the plants’ operators have been reduced by 50% and arranged to live in separate isolated houses to minimize risks of external infection. This force is arranged two shifts and three teams, working in turn for 15 days to ensure the rotation and backup. During a shift duty, operators are required to fully comply with regulations to assure safety during a shift transfer and other working regimes. After a shift is ended, operators return to live and relax in isolated areas.

          In addition, all officers and employees of the company must continuously wear masks during their working hours, regularly disinfect hands, limit direct contact and communications as well as keep a regulated distance. The company also monitors, supervises and screens cases for isolating at home who traveled from epidemic areas, contacted with people at risks of infection etc.

          Determining to maintain business production but also to ensure the safety for officers, employees and workers, An Thai Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Hoa Phu Industrial Park) has strictly followed instructions of the public health and other directions of the Provincial People's Committee on disease prevention.


Workers of Dak Lak Water Supply Joint Stock Company comply with regulations on the epidemic prevention in the plant operation.

       Particularly, the company has strictly carried out medical supervision for people who traveled to Quang Nam and Da Nang and they are required to isolate at home. All people who access to the head office and plants are required to disinfect their hands, measure body temperature and fill medical declaration forms. Workers always wear masks in the company and are equipped with antiseptic solutions to disinfect their hands regularly. Furthermore, the company also arranges works reasonably to avoid crowding in a space.

       According to the Director, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Loi, some parts of the company are left alternatively to minimize the number of working people. Distance regulations are strictly implemented to guarantee a safe distance during the production and break time. At mealtime, workers are required to not gather in a place, they are arranged to eat right at the production area or bring their rice to the factory.

         Similarly, Dak Lak Power Company has also activated and implemented production and business plans under the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic. Specifically, the Power System’s Control Center operates on the basis of two shifts and three teams per day, and after working hours, they return and relax in isolated areas of the company.

         Operation and management teams of the high-voltage grid and affiliated power units are also divided into two groups, each working continuously for seven days and working alternatively and isolating at the company. In addition, 50% of officers are arranged to work directly at the office, the remaining works remotely and they change with each other after seven days.

         The company has also arranged medical equipment, masks and provided further antiseptic solutions at the workplace, especially at the reception desk. Especially, officers, employees or people who their relatives return from Da Nang and epidemic areas will be actively monitored health situations, investigated the epidemiological status of contacts and made medical reports according to regulations.