Buon Kuop Hydropower Company ensures the safety of dams in 2022 stormy season

In the rainy and stormy season of 2022, Buon Kuop Hydropower Company (a subsidiary of Power Generation Corporation 3 - EVNGENCO3) implemented solutions to assure the safety of dams, human and property of lowlands. Up to this time, the process of natural disaster prevention, control search and rescue (FPT-TKCN) was conducted by plants and ready to cope with possible situations.

In the Serepok drainage basin, besides other small hydropower projects, there are 3 large hydropower plants: Srepok 3, Buon Kuop and Buon Tua Srah. Buon Kuop Hydropower Company manages and operates them with a total capacity of 586 MW.

Buon Kuop Hydropower Plant has a capacity of 280 MW, capacity of reservoir is 14 million cubic meters, and operates daily. Mr. Le Duy Kien - Operation shift leader said that the rainy-stormy season in the Central Highlands starts from August to December every year. Before the rainy-stormy season, Company pays attention to activities in ensuring safety works and lowlands. The plant inspects, handles abnormal technical equipment, power station, diesel generator, test run valve door and checks 9 warning stations along river section below the plant; consolidates control apparatus, technical subcommittee, floodgate team of Buon Kuop Hydropower Plant. In addition, the plant cooperates with the local government to investigate the anti-flood ways in lowlands, reminds local people to build a suitable production plan, move property and harvest crops before the flood season.

Hydropower dam of Buon Kuop Hydropower plant

Before the stormy situation this year, the Company regularly updates weather forecast, checks and closely monitors the operation of the plant. According to Mr. Nguyen Duc - Deputy Director of Buon Kuop Hydropower Company, up to this time, the company consolidates control apparatus, built a natural disaster prevention and search - rescue plan with guidelines "4 on the spot" about command, forces, vehicles, materials and logistics. The company completes a report on dam safety status and plan in respond to natural disaster; regularly checks and maintains equipment serving reservoir operation to ensure that equipment runs reliably before the flood season; prepares all necessary requirements in terms of human resources, materials, vehicles and assure smooth communication system, copes to decrease damage when a natural disaster or incident occurs.

The company cooperates with the authorities of Dak Lak and Dak Nong to build coordination solutions for natural disaster prevention and search-rescue. The solution regulates on providing data, monitoring system, flood-season forecast, daily notification; implementing normal operation, running to reduce floods for lowlands, ensuring safety of works, operating in abnormal situations, etc.

Spillway and discharge door of Buon Tua Srah hydropower plant

Mr. Nguyen Duc, Deputy Director of Buon Kuop Hydropower Company said that until now, the company set up a system of 22 remote flood warning stations, 37 water level monitoring stations, rainfall monitoring, automatic data transmission to server and public announced information on website for authorities and people to follow and respond in time. During the rainy season, the website will update the status of water fall and related information about flood every 15 minutes for local authorities and people to conduct prevention methods.

Along with proposed solutions, Buon Kuop Hydropower Company seriously implements the direction of Daklak Department of Industry and Trade  in inspecting and assessing the current status of construction items such as dams, flood discharges works, water outlet, etc to promptly overcome damages and shortcomings; closely monitors changes in meteor, hydrologic and coordinates with functional agencies to operate reservoirs in accordance with process; at the same time, enhances warnings to people in lowlands when operating power generation and flood discharge.

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