Buon Kuop Hydropower Company applies digital technology in operation and management, and disaster prevention and control

Buon Kuop Hydropower Company (as a unit of Power Generation Corporation 3) manages and operates 3 hydropower plants on the Serepok River including Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop and Serepok 3. As the highest power generation plant in Dak Lak Province, the Company produces and contributes about 2.6 billion kWh of electricity to the National Grid System each year.

To guarantee the optimal operation of the Company's power plants according to the water flow to reservoirs and the safe operation under extraordinary situations caused by natural disasters, Buon Kuop Hydropower Company has applied digital technology in the system of hydrological data collection, flood warning, and effectively coordinated with relevant departments, agencies and parties to have an optimal plan for electricity production, assuring the water supply for downstream, promptly solving any abnormal situation.

For the reservoirs of 3 hydropower plants including Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop and Serepok 3, the Company has installed an automatic system to forecast water flow, rainfall and reservoir water level. Actual data obtained from monitoring stations are transmitted to the center and used as a database to establish a water flow forecasting and monitoring model for reservoirs. These are the prerequisites to help the Company have an optimal operation plan for factories and proactively respond to all types of natural disasters that may occur.

Automatic rain gauge station installed at Buon Tua Srah Hydropower Plant

Previously, to calculate the water flow to reservoirs, operators had to directly measure rainfall at specific locations. However, after automatic rain gauge stations are put into use, the data from such automatic rain gauge stations has been continuously updated, connecting to the mobile applications to help monitoring staff can quickly and exactly extract the necessary information for forecasting and reasonable operation, especially in case of heavy rains. Thereby reducing the operation time and labor forces, providing timely hydrological data to all departments and divisions as required.

Regarding the application of information technology and digital transformation in the power production, the Company has applied a remote flood warning system via mobile waves to promptly notify local people in the downstream areas of the hydropower plant to avoid potential hazards, limiting damage when storms and floods occur. The system of remote flood warning stations is arranged along the riverbank in the downstream areas of reservoirs, residential areas, washing stations, etc. to ensure that notifications in terms of the operation status of generator units and water regulation of the plant are provided to local government and people in the region.

A remote flood warning station of Buon Kuop Hydropower Company

Mr. Nguyen Duc, Deputy Director of Buon Kuop Hydropower Company said that the Company currently has established a system of 22 remote flood warning stations, 37 monitoring stations of rainfall and water-level to automatically transmit data to the server and publicize the information on the website for the local government and people to monitor and proactively respond in a timely manner. During the flood season, the website will update the situation on water flow and related information of rain and flood every 15 minutes so that local government and people can be active in applying prevention and control measures.

Along with the application of automation technology in the safe operation and management of hydropower reservoirs, Buon Kuop Hydropower Company has also set up Zalo groups with the participation of members of the Steering Committee of Disaster Prevention and Search & Rescue at all levels of local authorities and groups of people in the downstream areas to actively exchange information and coordinate in implementing the plan for 3 reservoirs including Buon Tua Srah, Buon Kuop and Serepok 3. In addition, the Company has regularly organized disaster response drills at the levels of company, operation workshops and shifts, including the assumption of some situations to handle, respond to and assist employees to actively and effectively coordinate and perform in the actual situation.

Buon Kuop Hydropower Company