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On April 23, 2016 at Vinh Tan Electricity Center, Vinh Tan commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) organized the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Vinh Thermal Power Plant (NPP) Tan 4 expansion. Attending the Groundbreaking Ceremony were leaders of relevant ministries, representatives of Party leaders, authorities of Binh Thuan province, EVN, EVNGENCO 3, Doosan Contractor, etc.

Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant Expansion Project is invested by Vietnam Electricity Group and Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) is the project management unit, implemented in the form of EPC (EPC). design - Supply of materials and equipment - Construction and installation) with a consortium of contractors including Doosan Heavy Industry Group (Korea), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), Power Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 and Pacific Group Joint Stock Company, is a consortium of contractors with experience in building coal-fired thermal power plants.

The factory has a scale of 01 unit with a capacity of 600 MW located in Vinh Tan Electricity Center in Vinh Tan commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, 100km from Phan Thiet city, 250km from Ho Chi Minh City. South, and 15km north of Ninh Thuan province. This is the largest coal-fired power center in the country. When completed, it will have a total capacity of 6,200 MW, providing direct electricity for the South Central region and southern provinces.

The expanded Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant project will take advantage of existing infrastructure such as land, port, connection to the national power system, transportation,... and especially shared systems. with the Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant project under construction. The factory consists of 01 unit with configuration of 01 furnace + 01 turbine + 01 generator. The technology used with above-critical steam parameters to burn imported coal is a technology that has been widely applied in the world. The factory applies modern technology, high capacity, efficiency, and reasonable costs.

With a total investment value of about 1.104 billion USD (equivalent to 24 trillion VND), the expanded Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant project is expected to annually supply about 3.6 billion kWh to the electricity system. The project has also been approved by the Prime Minister to be added to the overall electricity planning map 7 and the list of urgent investment projects for the period 2013-2020 in Document No. 289/TTg-KTN dated February 27, 2013. 2015.

According to the plan, after the groundbreaking ceremony, the investor and the contractor complex will immediately begin the construction and installation of equipment for the unit. It is expected that the factory will be put into operation after 45 months (4th quarter of 2019). When put into operation, the plant will enhance electricity supply capacity to serve socio-economic development in the South Central region and southern provinces, thereby contributing to reducing dependence on the electricity system. on hydroelectric power sources, especially in the dry season and dry years, reducing power output that must be transmitted from North to South, reducing power loss, increasing safety, stability, and economics for power system operation. .

On the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony, Vietnam Electricity Group and Power Generation Corporation 3 sponsored 5.2 billion VND to build 8 new classrooms of Sao Mai kindergarten and the contractor complex also supported 2 billion VND. for the Funds of Tuy Phong district and Vinh Tan commune, contributing to improving local life and society.

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