Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company organized a study tour to learn experiences from the Northern Thermal Power Plants

36 civil servants of Binh Thuan People's Committee, Departments of Tuy Phong District, representatives from Vinh Tan Commune, Vinh Tien Village, Vinh Phuc Village,  Binh Thuan’s social media agencies were introduced to the company history, organizational structure and environment-related protection method. The delegation also had a chance to learn more about technology and had known that the principle of protecting environment being as the first priority of the company. As such even though these thermal power plants located in the city of Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh province but without any effetcs on the natural landscape, environment and resident. Besides, the managers of these plants also shared the issues related to management and production of the plant. As a result, the team learned a lot practical experiences, especially in ash consumption. Being same as Vinh Tan Company, the ashes of plants in Quang Ninh, Mong Duong, Ninh Binh were consumed by factories that use ashs in order to generate bricks and other construction materials to supply for the local that leads to the popular of using ash-based brick in the Northern provinces. The study tour to the Northern Thermal Power Plants was evaluated as one of meaningful and useful activities. During the event both officials and civil servants have  more objective assessment on the current environmental management status in Vinh Tan Complex Center. In addition, people are able to not only make comparation in terms of technology, application in operation, controlling and treatment ash amongst Vinh Tan thermal power plant and others in the North but also to understand the great contribution of coal-fired thermal power plants towards the developing of the country.