Visiting union members and employees on the occasion of Workers' Month and Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health in 2022

Mr. Vu Quang Sang - Chairman of the Corporation's Trade Union (the fifth person from the right) visits workers and employees of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company

   At these units, representatives of the Corporation's Trade Union have shared the caring works of employees throughout the Corporation during the last few times. At the same time, representatives have also encouraged and praised workers and employees of Mong Duong Thermal Power Company and Mong Duong Repair Workshop (EPS) for their effective performance of management, repair, maintenance and operation of power plants to guarantee safe, stable and economic operations to contribute to the successful performance of duties as assigned by the Corporation.

Representatives of employees of the Mong Duong Repair Workshop (EPS Company) receive supports from EVNGENCO3's Trade Union

    During the implementation of activities in response to the Workers' Month and Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health in 2022, the Corporation's Trade Union has cooperated with other departments and units to organize practical care periods for union members, workers and employees, especially employees who are in difficult circumstances, labor accidents, occupational diseases, and other cultural and sports activities etc., contributing to successfully performing representative functions, taking care of, and ensuring legal and legitimate rights and interests of union members and workers.

   The Corporation's Trade Union has also selected 04 employees in the electricity industry and 02 the most typical safety and hygiene employees to propose the EVN’s Trade Union to reward, and rewarded 43 workers and 20 safety and hygiene employees who are excellent and typical employees at the Corporation level.

   In addition, to continue promoting the implementation of measures of occupational safety and health, the Corporation's Trade Union shall coordinate with its specialized departments to organize the 2nd Excellent Safety and Hygiene Employees Contest 2020 in Binh Thuan Province managed by the Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company. The Contest takes place from May 25th to May 28th, 2022. The purpose of this Contest is to assess the quality of the Safety and Health Management System at units, thence promoting the movements of safe, high-quality and effective production, raising the awareness and methods of operational skills for the Safety and Health Management System.

Lan Huong – Trade Union of EVNGENCO3

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