Trade Union officials of EVNGENCO3 provide free oxygen for COVID-19 patients

  On 4th September, during the holiday of National Day, 2nd September, at the Office of Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) at Nguyen Co Thach Street, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, volunteer forces who are employees of the Corporation still participate in the “Free Oxygen ATM Program”. This activity is generally cooperated by EVNGENCO 3 and the Youth Union of Thu Duc City and the Youth Union of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City to provide free oxygen for COVID-19 patients.

Employees of EVNGENCO 3 are on-duty on the hotline to receive emergency information of oxygen demands

  Early in the morning, upon receiving an emergency call for an oxygen cylinder from a family member of a COVID-19 patient on Nguyen Xien Street, Long Binh Ward, Thu Duc City, EVNGENCO3’s volunteers immediately arranged forces and wear medical protective equipment and, the most importantly, carried an oxygen cylinder to the place where oxygen is needed.

EVNGENCO3’s volunteers quickly bring oxygen cylinders and pressure gauges to the car to transfer to patient's house.

  The program’s supporting forces (who have been trained in instructing the use of oxygen cylinders) install an oxygen pressure gauge in the cylinder and instruct the patient's family member on the use of oxygen cylinder and Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor (Sp02).

Mr. Phan Buu Dao, Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of EVNGENCO 3 instructs the patient's family to use the oxygen tank.

  In the afternoon of the same day, a family at the Lien Phuong Street, Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City has a member suspected of being infected with COVID-19 who is being isolated at home, called to the hotline to ask for oxygen support for their 16-year-old daughter who had a quick test at home and showed “2 lines”, she is having trouble breathing and needs oxygen.

Volunteers of the Program bring oxygen cylinders to the patient's house whose father is being quarantined for being positive for COVID-19 and his daughter's quick test showed “2 lines” on Lien Phuong Street, Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City who are in urgent need of oxygen.

  The Program's volunteers who are on duty at the Medical Station of Tang Nhon Phu B Ward to receive orders and are ready to support. After only about 30 minutes, 2 oxygen cylinders are transported by 2 volunteers to the patient's home.

Install oxygen pressure gauges for patients

COVID-19 patients receive timely oxygen

Mr. Phan Buu Dao, Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of EVNGENCO 3 said that EVNGENCO 3 sponsored and accompanied with “Oxygen ATM Program” of Thu Du City and provided 100 oxygen cylinders, 9 liters/cylinder type, and other breathing apparatus at 3 Health Stations of the Ward in three areas and one at the Health Center of Thu Duc City. When people are in need, they can call the hotline number 0812.286.153 of the Program at the Youth Union of Thu Duc City or the phone number 0968.888.798 of the Power Generation Corporation to receive and exchange oxygen cylinders for free right at their home.
   From the beginning (from 22nd August 2021) up to now, more than 60 oxygen cylinders have been urgently delivered to patients' homes, helping COVID-19 patients and other people with serious illnesses overcome difficulties and diseases.

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