Trade Union of Vinh Tan Thermal Power takes care of the health of camp workers

     In order to actively prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, take good care of the health of employees and ensure safe and continuous power supply, along with EVNGENCO 3’s companies, Vinh Tan Thermal Power has implemented a concentrated camp with nearly 200 employees from June 1, 2021 at Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant.
     Although not in the central area of this pandemic, following the direction of EVNGENCO 3 to ensure sufficient electricity supply for pandemic prevention and control, especially during the peak days of hot weather and dry season, Vinh Tan Thermal Power quickly devised a plan, specifically assigned each department and crew to organize camping activities for the operating team. Immediately, the Company's medical department organized a disinfecting spray at the staff's accommodation area, distributed medical masks, antiseptic alcohol to ensure absolute safety for pandemic prevention. The campsites are fully equipped with facilities, essential items and daily necessities, creating the most favorable conditions for employees to safely participate in isolation from their families to perform power generation activities.

Mr. Vang Thanh Hung - Chairman of Trade Union, Deputy Director of the Company visited and gave gifts to encourage employees to participate in the concentrated camp at the Plant

Visiting the accommodation of employees after working time

Mr. Cao Hoang Dieu - Deputy Director of the Company has a meal with employees who are participating in the concentrated camp after work

     In order to promptly encourage employees to work safely, the Trade Union of Vinh Tan Thermal Power cooperated with professionals to visit and motivate employees and make efforts to ensure the operation of electricity generation in the camping time, strictly following the pandemic prevention recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Production activities, physical training, sports or after-shift meals of the employees participating in the camp were attended and visited by the Company's leaders, showing the care of the Board of Directors to the employees, fueling the working enthusiasm, joining hands with the Company to successfully complete the assigned tasks.


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