Many meaningful activities in response to the Workers' Month at Phu My Thermal Power Company

     On May 19th, 2022, responding to the Workers' Month and Action Month on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), the Board of Directors, Executive Committee of Trade Union, and Representatives of Trade Union of departments and divisions of Phu My Thermal Power Company have visited to encourage and give gifts to employees of the Company, raising their morale in working and production to overcome difficulties and challenges as well as strive to complete all assigned tasks.

     In the past time, under the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Phu My Thermal Power Company has always emphasized and focused on occupational safety and health and fire prevention in its production and business activities. The Trade Union has closely cooperated with the specialized departments to regularly inspect and monitor the implementation of regulations on occupational safety and health and fire prevention, strengthening the operations of the Safety and Health Management System. The Company has promptly rewarded and praised individuals who are proactive in participating in the occupational safety and health movements, voluntarily observing and reminding everyone of observing the procedures and processes, and carefully managing safety equipment for labor protection and fire explosion prevention.

Employees of Phu My Thermal Power Company always strictly comply with the regulations on OSH when working

     The Company's Trade Union has cooperated with specialized departments to organize many activities such as launching good and creative working emulation movements, green - clean - beautiful movements; implementing many activities to provide material interests for union members and employees; visiting and giving gifts; and supporting the construction of Trade Union’s Homes for members who are in difficult circumstances, occupational accidents, occupational diseases; selecting and rewarding typical and good employees in 2022.

Representatives of the Board of Directors and the Company's Trade Union give gifts to workers at Operation Workshop 1

Visiting and giving gifts to workers at Operation Workshop 2

     The Company’s Trade Union has visited and handed gifts to workers directly at Operation Workshops, Chemical Workshops, etc. of the Company. Although the value of gifts is not high, it has a great spiritual meaning for employees when the Company’s Trade Union can timely visit and encourage workers directly on the occasion of Worker's Month in 2022.

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