EVNGENCO 3 always guarantees the best care for employees during the pandemic season

   “Must guarantee the best care for employees during the current outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic” - This is the sharing of Leaders of Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) at the recent online meeting to compliment and encourage employees of power plants under the Corporation.

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  In addition to understanding the current situation of power production of plant units under the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic in localities, the General Director and Leaders of the Trade Union of the Corporation have sent their greetings and encouragements to all staff and employees, especially those who are carrying out the work-camps. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the Corporation’s leaders and the Executive Board of the Trade Union of the Corporation are very concerned, sharing, and available to provide the highest care in any circumstances so that all staff and employees are safe to work. EVNGENCO3’s leaders also suggest that the leaders of plant units, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union must regularly organize visits and encouragements to comfort employees, understand their thoughts and feelings, and promptly solve their legitimate aspirations and needs during the implementation of the concentration camp for the purposes of operation, production and repairs at each plant.

Leaders of the Corporation and Trade Union at the online meeting to compliment, encourage and give financial support to employees of plant units

Accompanying with employees in the concentration camp, the Corporation has coordinated with the Trade Union to organize additional financial supports for plant units to supplement daily rations for employees with a total amount of 316 million VND. To motivate and take care of the health of employees who are carrying out the concentration camp after working hours at the plant, the Corporation has donated funds to support plant units to install indoor and outdoor exercise equipment, some sports and entertainment equipment in the concentrated living area with a total amount of one billion one hundred fifty million VND.

The Board of Directors of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company received financial support from the Corporation

The Board of Directors of EPS Company award televisions and ping-pong tables from the financial support of the Corporation to repair forces carrying out the concentration camp in Phu My

Thanks to the financial support, plant units have installed treadmills, exercise bikes, multifunctional cross-fit rigs, televisions, ping-pong tables and many other items for employees to play, relax, entertain and exercise after working hours. When new tools are installed, operators have worked together to arrange, assemble and quickly put them into use, sharing practices and organizing competitions.

    Modern gymnastics and sports equipment are equipped at Phu My Power Plant

One of the places where gymnastics and sports equipment are arranged at Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant

   The screening of the COVID-19 pandemic has also been paid special attention by EVNGENCO 3 at this time. Plant units have actively coordinated with local medical facilities to organize COVID-19 antigen rapid tests for employees, fully implementing pandemic prevention and control measures, mobilizing and propagating the implementation of the 5K principle, and preparing detailed plans as well as fully arranging conditions for timely response and handling urgent situations that may occur. Furthermore, the Corporation and its plant units have closely cooperated with local authorities, functional agencies, and local power companies to organize the COVID-19 vaccination programs for key forces to ensure safe and continuous power production and towards all employees of EVNGENCO3 will be fully vaccinated.

   In the coming time, the Corporation undertakes to continue to consider and support employees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with appropriate programs at specific times. Through these meaningful activities, the Corporation always desires to unite all members and facilitate employees to work with peace of mind and feel warm in their hearts during difficult times due to the current outbreak of the pandemic. This concern is also the belief that the pandemic will soon be controlled, and all employees are safe and healthy to stabilize their lives, ensuring the fulfillment of the dual-target “controlling the pandemic while guaranteeing safe and effective production”.

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