Successfully energized the Vinh Tan 4 Ext Thermal Power Plant Project

At 17h25’ dated July 17, 2018, Vinh Tan 4 Ext Thermal Power Plant Project has been successfully energized with 04 days earlier than the schedule regulated in EPC contract. Attending at the event was the representatives of Power Generation Corporation 3, Supervising Consultant, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Project Management Board, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company. At present, the Corporation / Vinh Tan Thermal Power Project Management together with EPC contractor, consultants continue to implement the next steps such as testing boiler pressure, blowing boiler and towards first coal burning in April 2019.
The successful energizing of Vinh Tan 4 Ex TPP is one of the important preconditions to ensure the progress of the project, contributing to the completion of the entire project. 
The Vinh Tan 4 ext Thermal Power Project is owned by Electricity of Viet Nam, Power Generation Corporation 3 / Vinh Tan Thermal Power Project Management Board is the project management consultant. The project is implemented by a consortium of contractors including Doosan Heavy Industries (Korea), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), Power Engineering Consulting Join-Stock Company 2 (PECC2) and Pacific Group Corporation. The project with total investment of about $ 1.104 billion (equivalent to 24,000 billion VND), total installed capacity of 600 MW, includes 01 unit with configuration of 01 boiler, 01 turbine and 01 generator, using the technology of Subcritical, Pulverized Coal Boiler. It is a modern technology with high capacity, high efficiency, reasonable cost and meet the requirements of environmental protection in accordance with Vietnamese standards. It is also applied worldwide. The project will utilize the available infrastructure such as ground, port, connection with national power system, transportation,... and especially the common systems of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant project.
Vinh Tan 4 Ext Thermal Power Plant project was started on 23/4/2016 and expected to be put into operation after 45 months of installation and construction. Every year, the plant will supply about 3.6 billion kWh of power system, enhance the capacity of electricity supply for socio-economic development in South Central and South provinces, thereby contributing to reduce the dependence on the hydropower plant, especially in the dry season and drought years, reducing the power transmission from north to south, reducing power loss, increasing safety, effectiveness for operating of power system.

The following are some pictures at the event: