Phu My Thermal Power has various solutions to ensure safe and stable operation of the system

    In order to perform well the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintain the efficiency of electricity generation methods, and ensure a stable power supply, Phu My Thermal Power has actively proposed solutions to ensure that the power plants operate in a safe, stable, continuous and economic manner
Phu My Thermal Power currently manages and operates 13 generator units with a total capacity of 2,540 MW with stability and high efficiency. In 5 years, from 2016-2020, Phu My thermal power plants have provided the national electricity system with an output of over 76.6 billion kWh.

Overview of Phu My Thermal Power Co. Ltd

    During this time of intense and prolonged heat, the demand for electrical appliances has greatly increased, the capacity requirements of the power system have increased to a record high and there have been many erratic changes. The reduction and adjustment of loads and power sources is an emergency situation to ensure the safe operation of the system.
    In an effort to ensure electricity supply for the country's socio-economic development and the people's demand, Phu My Thermal Power has strengthened measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system.
    In order to ensure the reliability, availability and efficient operation of 13 generator units, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of the generator units, furnaces and load systems, Phu My Thermal Power has proposed a series of basic solutions. Specifically, the Company has well performed periodic testing to detect and promptly handle defects and abnormalities in equipment; For units that do not have the condition to stop the machine, apply solutions such as changing the wind comb online, operating a condenser branch, simulating signals to handle abnormalities, etc. to improve the availability factor of the units; Prepare enough fuel including backup DO oil to be ready to meet mobilization demand. Review and prepare adequate supplies, especially for equipment that frequently change working modes, ensure operational reliability, daily start/stop according to the electricity market; Fully equipped with conditions for the concentrated camp for operation, technical teams, officers and leaders to ensure safety and maintain stable production during the complicated development of COVID-19 pandemic.

Central control room of Phu My 1 Power Plant

    With this careful preparation, Phu My Thermal Power does not only ensure the safe operation of the generator units, maximum capacity availability, efficient operation, and stable continuous power generation, but also meets the capacity and electricity market for the power system, contributing to maintaining the energy security of the national power system, especially in the peak dry season, enhancing the safety in disease prevention and control.


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