Phu My Thermal Power Company: Humanitarian blood donation, meaningful gift to the community

The first "EVN red Week" was successfully held in January 2016, EVN staff contributed to 4,586 blood units to nationalwide blood bank. With the message "meaningful gift to the community", officers and employees of Phu My Thermal Power Company always actively participate in voluntary blood donation to help patients having the opportunity to live or prolong life. In the program of "EVN red Week" this second time, despite the peak time of overhaul 4 projects of Phu My 2.1 Power Plant, but with the noble function of the community, Phu My still arranged officers and employees to participate in

Phu My Thermal Company donating blood

This activity has the meaning of educating the awareness of social responsibility, sharing with the community, expressing the spirit of mutual affection that the staffs and employees of the Company always wish to implement.
This is the second time Mr. Ho Van Trinh, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union to take part in the blood donation. He said "I read a newspaper every day, watching TV, I knew there were a lot of pitfalls because of the lack of blood available for emergency cases. The precious blood units from the "Blood Donation" program have saved the lives of so many patients in need of bloods So I'm happy to donate some of my blood to help save lives. "
Currently, the country has 4.5 million people at an ideal age for blood (25-55 years), but in fact there are only over 700,000 people who donate blood each year. Therefore, through the program "EVN Red Week", Phu My Thermal Power Company is not only eager to contribute a certain amount of blood to patients who need blood for treatment, but also contribute communicate change of awareness of social responsibility, sharing with the community. In the upcoming time, Phu My Thermal Power Company will continue to promote humanitarian blood donation movement as well as to organize more charity programs to promote the spirit of mutual affection among employees.


Phu My Thermal Power Company Staffs are donating blood.