Customer Gratitude

Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company: Organize blood Voluteering donation - Give present to the poor

In the morning of December 16th morning, in Tuy Huong Town, Tuy Phong District, Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company, under Power Generation Company 3, the Red Cross Association of Tuy Phong district organized blood donation volunteering, participating in blood donation are the company staffs and employees . This is a response to the "EVN red Week II", launched by Viet Nam Electricity (EVN) with the message "A gift of meaning to the community."
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Phu My Thermal Power Company: Humanitarian blood donation, meaningful gift to the community

The first "EVN red Week" was successfully held in January 2016, EVN staff contributed to 4,586 blood units to nationalwide blood bank. With the message "meaningful gift to the community", officers and employees of Phu My Thermal Power Company always actively participate in voluntary blood donation to help patients having the opportunity to live or prolong life. In the program of "EVN red Week" this second time, despite the peak time of overhaul 4 projects of Phu My 2.1 Power Plant, but with the noble function of the community, Phu My still arranged officers and employees to participate in.
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