Sesan 3A Hydropower Plant guarantees the power supply capacity in the first 6 months of 2022

By the end of June 2022, the National Load Dispatch Centre has mobilized the generation capacity of H1 and H2 units of Sesan 3A Hydropower Plant with a total operation time of 3898 hours, corresponding to the commercial power output of 188.03 million kWh, 20 million kWh higher than in the same period in 2021.

The Se San 3A Hydropower Plant (Sesan 3A) is the 5th step of the hydroelectric ladder on the Se San River with the installed capacity of Nlm = 108 MW, an average annual electricity output of 428.4 million kWh, its reservoir with a capacity of about 4.0 million m3 is useful for power generation operation. Based on the regulations of the inter-reservoir operation process in the Sesan River Basin, in the dry season, Sesan 3A operates and regulates the water flow with the average daily discharge volume not less than the discharge flow to reservoirs.

Sesan 3A Power Plant in the dry season in 2022

According to the hydro-meteorological forecast and calculation of water flow to guarantee sufficient water sources for power generation for the dry season months of 2022, by the end of December 31st, 2021, Pleikrong and Ialy reservoirs have been actively in accumulating water to reach the normal rising water level. However, in the first 6 months of 2022, due to complicated weather developments, significant changes in rainfall and water flow and differences compared to the rule of many years. Therefore, to ensure the maximum exploitation of water flow to the reservoir for power generation, Sesan 3A has monitored and calculated the water flow to the reservoir to prepare a plan for optimal operation of water sources, increasing the power generation capacity and operations of the reservoir to guarantee the compliance with the regulations of the inter-reservoir operation process in the Sesan River Basin.

To provide a continuous and stable power supply in the peak months of the dry season when the National Load Dispatch Centre focuses on operating hydropower plants, Sesan 3A Hydropower has increased the equipment inspection, safe operation of plant units, and is ready to meet the power generation method and strictly comply with the dispatching orders of operating engineers of the National Load Dispatch Centre (A0) to avoid causing any excess power in the operating hours of the renewable energy. In addition, to improve the availability factor and reliability of power supply, to minimize the breakdown and damage of equipment that may disrupt the generation capacity of the plant, the Company has focused on repairing and maintaining the plant units at a high quality and according to the schedule. Accordingly, as of March 29th, 2022, Sesan 3A has made great efforts to complete all maintenance and repair works such as minor repair of equipment in plant unit H1, overhaul of equipment in plant unit H2 and safe operation of the remaining plant units during the repair period to maximize the water volume discharging to the reservoirs, limiting the overflow to avoid wasting water resources.

Operators monitor the parameters of the plant and the power grid

With the motto “Flexible adaptation and ready for any situation”, Se San 3A Power Investment and Development Joint Stock Company strives to operate safely and ensure the available capacity of the Sesan 3A Hydropower Plant, successfully meet all requirements of power generation and contribute to the safe, reliable and stable operation of the national power grid.

Sesan 3A Hydropower Plant