Se San 3A Hydropower Plant in response to natural disasters

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, from now to the end of 2020, the weather condition will be unstable and unpredictable, and many storms will take place in the Central Vietnam and South in the second half of 2020.


Se San 3A Hydropower Plant

Understanding the above situation and the importance of Disaster Prevention & Search and Rescue, Se San 3A Power Investment and Development Joint Stock Company in charge of management and operation of Se San 3A Hydropower Plant on the Se San River of Gia Lai Province has paid attention and put the disaster prevention, search and rescue (DP & SAR) to assure the safety for works and downstream areas over the top mission of the Company.

Right from the beginning of 2020, Se San 3A has issued the plan of DP & SAR. The Company regularly inspects and evaluates equipment of works, prepares plans to respond to natural disasters with the thorough preparation under the motto of “4 on-the-spot” including onsite commands; onsite forces; onsite supplies and facilities, onsite logistics with specific tasks. The Company has always focused on the maintenance, repair and handling of defects of key works for the DP & SAR, communication systems, reservoir surveillance systems. Power supplies for equipment are always provided and available at different levels. 

From July 01, 2020, the rainy season in the Central Highlands has begun. Although there are only early rains, operators of the Se San 3A Hydropower Plant have focused on the natural disaster prevention and control. Due to irregular weather conditions, flash floods may suddenly occur even though there are only a few heavy rains in the upstream. In the course of operation of the Plant, operators guarantee to strictly comply with the inter-reservoir operating procedures in the Se San River basin. They always closely monitor water-level parameters and water flows of reservoirs and upper terraced hydroelectric reservoirs. In addition, they also organize observations and prepare hydrological bulletins to forecast floods flowing to reservoirs once a day with parameters of water flows and water levels to reservoirs at 6 a.m., 12 p.m., 18 p.m. and 24 p.m.; in case of emergency storms, coastal tropical low pressure, the forecast is implemented every 15 minutes to send to localities in downstream areas and other relevant agencies as prescribed. 

Se San 3A propagates the safety in the downstream areas of Se San 3A Hydropower Plant for local people

In addition, Se San 3A always guarantee the safety in the downstream areas, especially for people living in downstream areas who may be affected when the flood water is discharged. Before operating plant units or discharging, siren signals are provided to notify people living in the downstream areas.

The Company always cares about the propaganda of roles and tasks of Se San 3A Hydropower Plant, especially the propaganda of requirements on natural disaster prevention and control, reservoir operations, order security at the Plant to each village. Se San 3A annually organizes propaganda campaigns to inform local people of natural disaster prevention and control plans and generally cooperating with the Company in operating Se San 3A Hydropower Plant safely, trying not to let the occurrence of incidents when the Plant discharges flood water to the downstream areas. The Company always strictly cooperates with local authorities to check and assess the safety of downstream areas in response to emergency cases. Furthermore, the Company also identifies hazards, assesses risks and proposes solutions in order to minimize risks that may cause harm to works.

Forces in charge of implementing the onsite DP & SAR including the Steering Committee of DP & SAR, assault units, on-duty forces of DP & SAR who are fully provided means and tools to promptly handle damages or incidents that may cause dangers to works. Workers are trained annually to cope with unexpected events when floods occur through the implementation of drills to respond to natural disasters.

2020 is forecasted to be a year with complicated and unpredictable developments in respect of weather conditions, always requires careful attention. Therefore, Se San 3A has prepared thoughtfully in all aspects, always carefully and ready to respond to all situations that may happen in the DP & SAR in the rainy season of 2020, assuring the safety and minimizing effects on the local people.

Se San 3A Hydropower Plant managed and operated by the Se San 3A Power Investment and Development Joint Stock Company is constructed on the fifth step of the Se San River. The Plant has been put into operation since 2006, including two plant units with a capacity of 108 MW, the annual average power output is 479.3 million kWh. 
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