Ninh Binh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company represented Power Generation Corporation 3 to participate in the contest "Women Beauty in Electricity Sector" organized by Vietnam Electricity.

On the occasion of Vietnam Women's Day - October 20th, Labor Union of Vietnam Electricity organized a contest called "Women's Beauty in Electricity Sector" on October 16th and 17th with participants from 21 subsidiaries belonging to Vietnam Electricity’s Labor Union. The contest has four primary parts: Greetings; Presentations; Questions and Answers related to communication skills, culture and society, knowledge of the electricity sector; and the talent contest and traditional costumes performances. 

In order for well preparation Labor Union of Power Generation Corporation 3 along with the Committee for the Advancement of Women of the Corporation to hold the contest "Women Beauty in Electricity Sector” - Corporation level from 22 to 24 August, 2017 in Vung Tau City previously. The team of Ninh Binh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company won the special prize conclusively and was selected to be the representative team for Power Generation Corporation 3 to compete in EVN's contest.

After two - exciting competition day, the EVN's contest has brought to audiences the excitement and impressive feeling about working and life of the people working in this sector. Especially, the contest had shown the corporation culture within EVN and offered high evaluation about the beauty of EVN's women with the valuable characteristics: Responsibility - Wisdom - Confident - Elegant, motivated female staffs actively to carry out the policy of EVN and contributed to improve productivity and labor efficiency.

Competitors from Power Generation Corporation 3 had finished their performance successfully and won the third prize of the contest. The sequence of contest results are as follows: 

  • Special Prize: Vietnam Electricity
  • First prize: HoChiMinh City Power Corporation
  • Second prize: Center Power Corporation, Southern Power Corporation 
  • Third prize: Southern Power Corporation, Power Generation Corporation 3, National Power Transmission Corporation.
  • Consolation prize: Hanoi City Power Corporation, Ialy Hydropower Company, Power Generation Corporation 1, Power Generation Corporation 2, Son La Hydropower Company.

In addition, the Organization Board has also awarded 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, 5 encouragement prizes and 5 thematic prizes (for the best presentations, answer the Q&A questions with the best behavior, good talents, the most beautiful performance of traditional dress) for all competitors. Labor Union of Vietnam Electricity organized the contest for the purpose of awareness improvement of civil servants about the values of Truth – Compassion - Mindset, and express the beauty of women in general and of women in the electricity sector in particular. Besides, the achievements were to celebrate the 87th anniversary of the foundation of the Vietnam Women's Union (20/10/1930 -20/10/2017), the traditional day for Vietnam Electricity Sector (21/12) and the 5th Vietnam Electricity Labor Union Congress (term of 2018 - 2023).

From the Office of Labor Union of EVNGENCO 3