Flowers in the power plant

Power generation seems to be a boring job with ten of tons of huge machines and equipment and the sound of the machine is rumbling all day and night, where there is no place for weakness. Labor intensity, the pressure of work can even discourage men. However, women in the electric industry - the flowers in the factory, still firmly step by step and dedicate themselves to bring electricity to all regions of the country for meeting the country's energy development.

Although taking over only about 17% of the total staffs of the Corporation, the female staff are working in all areas without any complaint. It is not hard to see them in the labor protection uniform who are busy working on machines and equipment, with complicated numbers and technical drawings. These are where they show their passion, enthusiasm for the power industry and prove their strength firmly inferior to man.

Power generation is a sensitive job, especially with the large plants of the Corporation such as Phu My, Vinh Tan, ... because only a small incident can affect the whole system, the power source for production and living of the whole region, even national energy security. Electric power workers need to have a special effort to develop the country. Behind the success of GENCO 3 is always the support of the staff on every step of the way. Youth union and female workers are always paid attention by the leaders of the Corporation for training and improving the level of creating gender equality conditions for women, many of them are managers of the Corporation.

There are special cares for the health and living of female workers, such as: Female workers who have young children from 1 to 3 years old will be provided with special policies by the government on the salary regime, working time in order to have much time for taking care of their children. The Union regularly has activities, gifts, picnics. The female group organizes activities to celebrate the anniversary of the 8/3, 20/10, and so on to improve women’s role. All of these activities created the strength for all employees of Power Generation Corporation 3 to become a strong leading group in electricity power supply and protecting the national energy security.

Not only good in working, women also know how to arrange time, harmony between work and family, take care of husband and children, to be a capable wife to build-up happy and sustainable families, get certificates of 2 good roles (A woman is good at office work and at managing home chores). Although working in closing contact with the machinery, they still remain the gentle, lovely character of the woman with the idea: The family must be the fulcrum to face with difficulties at work, success must go with happiness. On the 20th of October, the Vietnamese Women's Day, we would like to send our best wishes to all of you, be always healthy, beautiful and happy to contribute to the development of the Corporation, always be the beautiful flowers in the factory - the pride of all managers and staffs of GENCO3.

From Legislation Dept. of EVNGENCO 3