EVNGENCO3 guarantees safe power production in the first month of 2022

   In January 2022 and the recent Lunar New Year holiday, EVNGENCO3's power plants have operated safely and stably, successfully satisfied the mobilization of the National Load Dispatch Center, ensuring security energy, contributing to provide sufficient energy for people to enjoy the Lunar New Year, at the same time the occupational safety and hygiene, fire prevention and fighting, security and order of all plants are maintained.
   The Corporation's total power output in January 2022 is 2.43 billion kWh, reaching 96.3% of the assigned plan; especially, for 9 days of the Lunar New Year from 29th January 2022 to the end of 6th February 2022 (from 27th of the Last Lunar Month of the Year of the Ox to 6th of the Year of Tiger), the output reached 437 million kWh, producing about 48.6 million kWh per day on average, mainly mobilized from thermal power plants.
   The Corporation's power plants have fully met the mobilization of the National Load Dispatch Center, ensuring the safe and continuous power supply, especially during the peak days of the Solar New Year 2022 and Lunar New Year 2022. All staff and employees of the Corporation have made “safe and flexible adaptation” to guarantee the work efficiency under the complicated changes of the COVID-19 pandemic, managed all households to prepare for the Tet holiday as well as successfully completed operation and repair works of the plant.

Operators of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Company are in duty during the Tet holiday

   To achieve the above results, EVNGENCO3 has implemented many measures to direct and urge technical management and operation of member units and associated companies to guarantee the power supply, handle and repair existing failures before the Tet holiday and assure that no incident will happen; repair forces are willing and ready to support and deal with problems during the Tet holiday; prepare to receive sufficient fuels, especially coals for Vinh Tan 2, Mong Duong 1 thermal power plants. The Corporation focuses on inspection and monitoring of the environmental management, occupational safety and health (OSH), environmental parameter monitoring systems, data transmission to functional agencies to guarantee the good operation, coal receiving port areas, slag yards and so on to prevent dust dispersal into the surrounding environment. In addition, the Corporation has strengthened the information security, fire prevention and fighting operations, explosion prevention to guarantee safe production, arranged leaders on duty and strengthened security forces at plants and sites, regularly organized patrols, inspection and supervision before and during the Tet holiday.


EPS’s engineers at Vinh Tan Repair Workshop on duty during the Lunar New Year 2022

   As recorded in January 2022 and past days of the Lunar New Year, the Corporation has guaranteed the mobilization of the National Load Dispatch Center without any failure during the operation. Due to the general situation of the Power System, low load demand, some plant units must operate in backup mode; however, all are ready for operation when necessary. It is the initiative in detailed production plans to guarantee the power supply, and on-call organization to enhance the safety and flexibility in all conditions, especially under the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and readiness of human resources and facilities, equipment, devices for incident handling, fire and explosion prevention etc., so during the Lunar New Year 2022, EVNGENCO3's power plants still operate safely and stably.