EVNGENCO3 continues to be awarded the global EDGE gender equality certification

In order to continue affirming EVNGENCO3's continuous efforts in maintaining and developing a gender-equal working environment in all areas, EVNGENCO3 has continued to reassess the EDGE global gender equality certification as a reaffirmation of EVNGENCO3's commitment and determination in the journey of gender equality implementation. On January 11, 2023, EVNGENCO3 was once again granted the EDGE global gender equality certification at the ASSESS level (valid for 2 years).

In 2020, EVNGENCO3 achieved the EDGE global gender equality certification at the ASSESS level for the first time on August 27, 2022, issued by the EDGE Certified Foundation (Switzerland) (valid for 2 years).

After achieving the EDGE global gender equality certification, EVNGENCO3 continued to implement policies and welfare regimes for employees, successfully implementing the items in the action program, notably applying flexible working policies and supplementary employee benefits recognized in EVNGENCO3's collective labor agreement.
The results achieved after the reassessment process showed that after 2 years since EVNGENCO3 achieved the EDGE global gender equality certification in 2020, employees at EVNGENCO3 have increased their confidence in EVNGENCO3's policies, as evidenced by evaluation results on recruitment and promotion policies, corporate culture (agreement rate at or above 75% to 94%). In particular, over 80% of surveyed personnel (including men and women) stated that they have job opportunities (88%) and equal pay (89%). Over 90% of employees participated in policy surveys at EVNGENCO3.

During the reassessment process, the EDGE Certified Foundation organization praised EVNGENCO3's efforts in maintaining gender equality indices over the past two years as well as making adjustments and developing a roadmap for women's leadership development, demonstrating efforts to improve EVNGENCO3's future female leadership ratios.

Achieving the EDGE certification for the second time has greatly contributed to building the image of EVNGENCO3 - a unit that always strives to implement policies for employees in general and gender equality policies in particular, aiming for international standards in administration, spreading the determination and efforts of EVNGENCO3's leadership in implementing gender equality.