EVNGENCO 3 promotes the understanding of digital transformation training

On April 13th, 2021, the Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) cooperated with FPT Information System Co., Ltd. (FPT IS) to organize a training program to promote the understanding of digital transformation for leaders and officers of the Corporation.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the training program, Mr. Le Van Danh - General Director of EVNGENCO 3 emphasized the great effects and benefits of the digital transformation and application of Technology 4.0 to the electricity industry in general and the Corporation in particular. The digitization in terms of management, operation and repair of power plants of EVNGENCO 3 has provided positive results for units as well as the Corporation such as electronic operation diary, e-office; barcode-based management of material warehouses, inspection and identification of failures of boiler equipment by images from fly-cam, and application of ERP management software. However, these works are not closely and systematically linked to be unified in the Corporation. The performance of digital transformation will be a step to systematize digitalized activities and apply new technologies in order to improve the production and business efficiency, labor productivity and administration capacity of units.   

The training program takes place in the form of an online conference at the Corporation and connects to all units of EVNGENCO 3

Thanks to the training program, EVNGENCO 3's staff and employees can understand more clearly about core contents of the digital transformation, support technologies for the digital transformation and how the digital transformation has been implemented and its effects on business activities. Facing increasingly powerful advances in respect of technology, following the 2021 theme launched by the Vietnam Electricity, the digital transformation has become one of the important goals of EVNGENCO 3 in the year. The Corporation undertakes that the entire leaders, staff and employees will participate in the digital transformation. The preparation for the establishment and operation of digital and security infrastructure systems to meet requirements of the digital transformation and information safety and security has been promoted strongly.


EVNGENCO 3’s members are discussing at the training program

Along with knowledge and experience gathered through instructions and sharing of FPT experts about steps to implement the digital transformation roadmap and some success and failure examples in the world, EVNGENCO 3’s leaders, staff and its units have discussed and proposed a roadmap and solutions to implement the digital transformation for the Corporation in a united direction in accordance with directions of the Corporation and actual conditions of EVNGENCO 3.

The training program is a part of series of operations of the Corporation to raise the understanding of the digital transformation so that each employee can understand, grasp and actively implement for general goals of EVN/EVNGENCO 3. Activities of the digital transformation plan in the coming time will be focused, implemented and completed by EVNGENCO3 according to the schedule.