EVNGENCO 3 donated a saltwater filtration system in Ca Mau Province

During the past time, the Mekong Delta in general and Ca Mau Province in particular, natural disasters, drought and saltwater intrusion have seriously impacted on the living and production activities of the local people. Many people have to live in the situation of shortage of fresh water, and their life has become more difficult. With a desire to help local people in Ca Mau Province have a long-term use condition of fresh water, in the morning of July 7th 2020, the Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) has organized a handover ceremony of saltwater filtration system in Tran Phan Commune, Dam Doi District, with the value of over VND300 million, a capacity of 2,000 liters/hour/day, and 10 hours of operation per day, the system can filter 20m3 of fresh water for daily use.


Mr. Vu Quang Sang - Trade Union President of the Power Generation Corporation 3 handed over the symbolic table to delivery the saltwater filtration system for the representative of Tran Phan Commune


Engineers check operations of the system at the Workshop

This saltwater filtration system is a project that financial contributions, design researches and equipment investment are organized and contributed by the Youth Union of the Corporation in cooperation with the Trade Union, Phu My Thermal Power Company, and especially the EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company - EPS (as the main sponsor); in which the Processing and Restoration Workshop is installed and executed by EPS. The saltwater filtration system is designed according to up-to-date technology with many different filters such as sand filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter (RO) etc. to ensure the quality of outlet water, meeting domestic water standards. In addition, one of the advantages of the system is that it is easier to operate and the energy saving is more efficient compared to other filtration systems.

The filtration system is installed at the Headquarter of the Commune People’s Committee under the management of the local government so that local people can get water easily. Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tran Phan Commune expressed his pleasure when receiving the support of EVNGENCO 3 and said that Tran Phan is one of the poor communes of Dam Doi District, the salinity situation had adversely affected on local people’s life all year round. This saltwater filtration system would help difficult households in the area have a freshwater source in the coming time.


Local representatives and 5 schools in Tran Van Thoi District received the symbolic table for delivering water storage systems

 Also on this occasion, the Power Generation Corporation 3 cooperated with the People's Committee of Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province to handover 5 storage tanks and water supply systems with the value of more than VND 130 million for 5 schools in the area, including Song Doc 2 Primary School, Khanh Binh - Tay Bac 1 Primary School, Phong Dien 2 Primary School, U Minh State Farm’s Secondary School and Khanh Loc Secondary School. The capacity of these storage tanks is 2000 liters, installed on solid platforms with 6m in high. This system will create a favorable condition for activities of students at schools, thence strengthening sanitation conditions and improving learning environment.

Previously, EVNGENCO 3 has also donated 90 tanks to local people in Quach Pham Commune, Quach Pham Bac Commune and Tran Phan Communes, Dam Doi District, Ca Mau Province to timely help poor households have freshwater containers for using at their home.


Mr. Vo Quoc Thong - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tran Van Thoi District, representative of the local government awarded the Certificate of Merit of the People's Committee of Ca Mau Province to EVNGENCO 3

Recognizing great contributions of the Power Generation 3 Corporation to social welfare activities, actively assisting local people in the Province in minimizing impacts of saltwater intrusion and improving the living condition, People's Committee of Ca Mau Province has awarded the Certificate of Merit to the Corporation.