EPS conducts the RCM awareness training course for power plants

Implementing the training program of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), the Power Generation Corporation 3 has cooperated with Thu Duc Thermal Power Company Limited to implement the RCM awareness training course for thermal plants of the Group in September. In which, Power Generation Corporation 3 has assigned EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS) to compile the entire curriculums and conduct the training.

RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) is a process guiding the asset performance management method through the establishment of a reliability-focused repair and maintenance schedule for systems and equipment. This advanced management method is applied in the world and has been used by the Vietnam Electricity for thermal power plants since 2017.

Overview of RCM training course

As planned, the RCM training program for thermal power plants is divided into 2 phases, took place at Thu Duc Power Plant (Ho Chi Minh City). Phase 1 took place from September 8th to 11th for units including Power Generation Corporation 2, Power Generation Corporation 3; Thermal Power Companies/Plants of Hai Phong, Pha Lai, Can Tho, Mong Duong, Ninh Binh, Vinh Tan 2, Phu My, Ba Ria. Phase 2 took place from September 22nd to 25th for units including Power Generation Corporation 1; Thermal Power Companies/Plants of Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, Duyen Hai, Nghi Son, Vinh Tan 4, Thai Binh, Thu Duc, EVN Power Service Center, Information and Communications Technology Company of Vietnam Electricity.

Participants at the opening ceremony and participating in the training program consist of Mr. Dang Huy Cuong - Member of EVN Members’ Council, Mr. Ngo Son Hai - Deputy General Director of EVN, Leadership of EVN Engineering and Production Department, General Directors/Deputy General Directors of Power Generation Corporations, Directors/Deputy Directors of Thermal Power Plants, EVN Power Service Center and EVN Information and Communication Technology Company (EVNICT).

In the training course, EPS Company has cooperated with the experts of ADA Company (Asset Dynamics Asiadis - a well-known RCM consulting service provider in the world) to present an overview of the RCM, concepts on repair and maintenance, importance and benefits of implementing RCM, providing technical solutions and implementation methods based on operating status, reliability and availability under the actual condition of each plant.

ADA expert presents contents of the RCM

In addition to the relevant theoretical knowledge, trainees participating in the training program are also allowed to share their experience about the successful implementation of reliability-based maintenance and repair solutions of plant units of EPS Company at Vinh Tan 2 Thermal Power Plant. This is the first advanced repair and maintenance management method under international standards applied to coal-fired thermal power plants in Vietnam and has provided certain effects.

Mr. Ngo Son Hai - EVN's Deputy General Director speaking at the training course

Speaking at the training course, Mr. Ngo Son Hai - EVN’s Deputy General Director said that EVN has sufficient financial capacity, technology, human resources and so on to implement the RCM. However, to guarantee the successful implementation, it is required that that leaderships and employees of thermal power plants must change their thinking, working philosophy, boldly improving old and out-of-date business procedures. Through this training course, it not only helps trainees get acquainted with the RCM but also help them understand deeply the nature of problems when applying the RCM in repair and maintenance at plants.

RCM training is a long term program; therefore, to effectively implement this program, leaders also expect that after this course, Corporations/Companies/Plants need to actively organize training courses suitable for each unit in order to develop faster and more effective the RCM in the coming time. In addition, it is necessary to develop learning and experience exchange programs with domestic and foreign units that have effectively implemented the RCM. Mr. Truong Van Phuong - Deputy Director of EPS Company said that “RCM provides a lot of benefits such as: Ensuring the safe and environmental friendly operation for power plant’s equipment system; assuring the productivity improvement; optimizing costs for repair and maintenance; lengthening the service life of the equipment. In particular, RCM also contributes improving the motivation of each individual; working performance of groups; assisting leaders of plant units have a correct recognition and evaluation in terms of resource requirements”.

Trainees take photos at the training course

It is expected that in the coming time, EPS Company will continue to participate in the training and further implement the RCM-oriented maintenance and repair programs for coal-fired power plants, and at the same time continue to research and expand the RCM for gas thermal power plants so that units under the Corporation will improve their production efficiency.